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Pre-Departure Staff Meeting

Posted on Saturday February 3rd, 2024 @ 11:11am by Captain Franklin Johnson & Lieutenant Colonel Phoebe Graydon & Commander Kanaka Shakura & Commander Sam Perkins & Lieutenant Commander Ky'la De'Lenn & Lieutenant Commander Michael Stevens & Lieutenant Commander Rachel Williams & Lieutenant Commander Kicil Priadden & Lieutenant Commander T'Pri & Lieutenant Commander Erika Itsumi & Lieutenant Karina Sakaguchi

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Mission: The Grand Tour: Part Two
Location: USS Poseidon; Deck 6 - Briefing Room
Timeline: The Grand Tour - Arrived at Tellar
Tags: 2395, Character Development, Departmental Meeting


Captain Johnson had called a formal staff meeting following the events of the fire that ravaged Corridor J and Jefferies Tube 24 recently. A part of the hull had to be separated for the ship's worker bees to get at and make extensive repairs. Those were done, thankfully, and the aftermath of the situation could have been far worse. Lieutenant Kord and Lieutenant Drauc had been extensively injured along with several crew, but thankfully no deaths had been reported. All of it had been caused by faulty Tellarite equipment that Starfleet had wanted to install. Franklin had banned any such further software from being installed.

He sat at the head of the meeting table. The room was sparse, barely used nowadays since the transition from the Poseidon as an active duty patrol vessel to one of Academic education. The meeting table was rectangular, able to seat up to fifteen individuals, and there was a primary display screen behind where the Captain sat. The room was decorated with a painting of the Poseidon done several decades ago along with her awards and decorations during the Dominion War displayed separately. Potted plants complimented the corners and the exterior to space was displayed by several viewports that shined some ambient light into the room - filtered by the glass, of course. The Captain sipped some coffee as he waited for the arrival of his staff. It would hopefully be a short briefing, debriefing, and summary.

Commander T'Pri walked in and took her seat, She had scoured the intel briefings for any word or even a hint of sabotage.

"Good Morning Captain," T'Pri said.

"Good morning, Mrs. T'Pri!" the Captain greeted as his 3XO and Chief Intelligence Officer entered. "How have things been down in your department?"

"Exceptionally busy, with the influx of new students, however, it is the kind of chaos that I thrive in, Sir," T'Pri replied.

Kicil slid into the briefing room, exhausted. She still had patients in sick bay from the fire and found she could not get adequate rest until all of them fully recovered. Lieutenant Drauc was coming along nicely from the plasma burns, she credited his heritage for that, Lieutenant Kord was being onery, typical for a Gorn, and was due for a prosthetics fitting. A surgery she would perform with Doctor Essagrib, who had arrived a few days ago and was starting the treatment process. "Morning captain," she said with a small, exhausted smile. She quickly found a seat and sat down with her PaDD out.

"Good morning Ms. Priadden," beamed the Captain as he viewed who he considered to be one of his prized officers. The Cardassian had outdone herself in the recent situation. "Very happy to see you first here. My reports indicate you have done an outstanding job in Medical. Are any cadets deciding they want off yet? How are our two-star heroes?"

Kicil chuckled, “None report they are ready to quit, though I understand the communication department has been rather busy with cadets calling their loved ones. All patients but two have been released back to duty. Lieutenant Drauc and Lieutenant Kord both took the worst of it; damn stubborn in protecting their charges. They should be up and about soon enough, Drauc sooner than Kord.”

"Ah, yes, that does make sense," Franklin remarked as a reply to Kicil's observation about the increased comms activity among the Cadets. He then took a considerate expression as she continued about the patients.

"Very good," the Captain replied. "I'm glad to hear they're doing well enough. Starfleet has a little surprise for them when they're able. A lot of Purple Hearts have been issued. Thank you, Ms. Priadden, for the update."

The Captain smiled widely as he resumed his waiting, briefly producing a PADD from underneath the table to examine quickly before setting it back.

Erika, for one, was very interested in attending this briefing. She had been assured when she accepted this assignment that things wouldn't turn out like they did on the Halcyon, yet recent events certainly begged to differ, and over the past week, Erika had come close to delivering her resignation to Captain Johnson multiple times, even after speaking with Counselor Shakura about her PTSD. When she received her notification on the briefing, she decided that she would attend in the hopes of obtaining the answers behind the incident. From there, she would make an informed decision about remaining aboard the Poseidon.

And so, Erika was second through the doors of the briefing room. It was a space she hadn't yet been, thanks to how little it was used. Erika had with her a strong German coffee in hand. It was the same blend that had been one of the first beverages she remembered drinking as she recovered from her burns aboard the Halcyon, a gift from her mother then, as it was now when Erika called home asking for a bag to be sent with express shipping.

"Captain, Doctor." Erika greeted as she clutched her coffee tumbler with two hands as if it were the Holy Grail.

Erika felt for the burn victims lying in sickbay, as she knew what it was like to be lying in a biobed too sore to move.

Captain Johnson gave an extremely sympathetic smile to Lieutenant Itsumi when she arrived. She had been promised in no short order of words that situations would drastically change for the betterment of her health. Starfleet had chosen the assignment on the Poseidon for her to enable a positive recovery. The events that transpired last week above Tellar had infuriated many in Starfleet Command who had vested interests in Erika and, as a result, both Commodore Paladin and himself had been on the receiving end of it. Franklin had stood his ground where he could and the result of that was this meeting today.

"Ms. Itsumi, I am very glad you are here with us," he said as he briefly stood to greet her. He moved over to her from his chair, catching her enroute to her seat. Franklin lowered his voice as he continued. "I know what we promised you and I haven't forgotten. I'm very sorry this situation transpired, none of us wanted this freak accident. I'll be able to clarify everything in the meeting today but needless to say, I would appreciate you staying. However, Starfleet Command has assured me should you desire reassignment, every resource is at your disposal to do so. I'll even vouch for you, as will the Commodore."

"I appreciate the gesture, Captain:" Erika responded in a hushed tone. "However, I will make my formal decision once I know all the facts about what happened."

Once Erika had replied the Captain gave a nod and moved to sit back down, resuming looking at a PADD he had produced from underneath the table.

It was official Sam was sick. In the olden days, his ancestors called it man flu. The female side of the Perkins family just grabbed an extra hankie and got on with things. But on the male side, it was like they had been hit by the dreaded plague. That wiped out so many people in England around 1666 except, of course, no one died. But of course, this was the future colds like influenza were now almost curable. Except of course for the unlucky 1% and of course, Sam was in that 1%. All medical could do for Sam was give him something so he could not pass it on.

Still, Sam had duties to do Sick or not. So even though Perkins felt like had just done five rounds with an angry Klingon. He made his way to the meeting. Giving a greeting to those present as he quickly made to sit down. He seemed focused on something intently on a PADD he held.

"...Commander Sam Perkins reporting as……can I sit down please?” He asked feeling as weak as a kitten.

"Mr. Perkins," the Captain greeted with a smile and wave, however, he did notice a somewhat ill look on his Chief Science Officer's face. "Of course, you may! Welcome."

"Captain! Good to see you. And you all as well," Sam greeted back, somewhat chipper from the greeting, nodding to everyone present, then sitting as he resumed examining his PADD and trying to overcome his nausea.

Phoebe walked in, having come directly from the bridge, advising the junior officer who was covering to call if anything was needed. She walked around to the head of the table, placing a PADD onto the table next to the CO, before taking her seat round the table to his right. "That's the report you requested of the ship's readiness captain, everything appears to be in order." She said, before looking around the rest of the table and giving each present member a nod in turn. "Evening everyone." She said, placing her cup of coffee down. For her at least it was the evening, having been on duty on the bridge for the last 12 hours.

Finally arriving with a Padd in hand and a mug of tea in another Williams entered, despite her eyes being glued to what she was reading she managed to avoid bumping into anyone and only looked up long enough to update her surroundings before taking her seat before returning her attention to the Padd she was reading.

Lieutenant Commander Priadden examined those who entered the briefing room, as Chief Medical Officer she was duty-bound to assess the physical health of the command staff, not just the general health of the crew and cadets. She made a mental note to speak with Commander Shakura about her thoughts on the command crew's mental health, as well as that of the general crew and cadets.

Michael entered the room with a PADD in his hand and said " Morning, Captain" as he took his seat at the table as he had finished the report last night having double-checked that everything was on the ship. he also knew that for once nothing was missing and the ship was ready to leave.

The Chief of Security arrived in short order, nodding towards the Captain as he settled down in his seat.

"Welcome Mrs. Williams, Number One, Mr. Stevens, and Mr. Trensu," the Captain greeted Williams, Michael, Ahkhsu and Phoebe respectively as he took the PADD from Phoebe, " Good morning to you, as well, Mr. Stevens! We're about there for a full room, I think. I suppose if the others are going to be late, I can go ahead and start."

He gave a few more moments of waiting as he stood up, headed to the replicator, and refilled his coffee. The replicator prepared it perfectly as he began to drink and sip his cup, eyeing the door several times. He used this time to look over the PADD from his Executive Officer. It was well-prepared and rather detailed. After a few more moments of this and waiting on any new arrivals, he shrugged and headed back to the table.

Clutching a PADD in one hand and a hot cup of Andorian spice tea, Ky'La walked into the room quietly and sat. She was late and still tight about her station's demise.

"They'll arrive when they do," he figured and sat back down. He then looked at everyone present as he set his coffee and PADD down. "Alright crew, I want a status report of your departments. We've just had a major incident that could have cost us the ship. I'll start with you, Mrs. Williams. What in the world caused those fires, what is the damage, and what has been repaired?"

*Looking up from her Padd with a smile* "Morning Captain, apologies I am not a morning person" she said pleasantly "Still investigating the cause Captain, but I would surmise the things that started those fires would be the age of the ship which would have a factor to it, but as for the root of the issue we currently still looking into it. As for the damage mainly cosmetic, nothing irreplaceable or important was damaged, those few Isolinear chips that were melted were replaced, I have the engineering Cadets cleaning up the cosmetic damage" Williams answered.

It felt unusual to be invited to a senior staff briefing for Karina. She wasn't a Chief, she was only the assistant chief of the Flight Control department. However she had been requested to attend, so therefore she put on the bravest face she could and made her way to the briefing room. She entered rather sheepishly and looked around at the other officers. "Erm... Hi," she said with a smile. She then hovered for a few moments before finally settling down into a seat, hoping that it wasn't someone's 'usual spot'.

Lieutenant Commander Priadden looked up from her PaDD, it contained a detailed report on the medical injuries entailed and who was authorized full duty, light duty or no duty. She was as prepared as she could be to give her report.

Erika looked up at Karina's late arrival. She said nothing, as it was her job to grade the cadets, and not fellow officers, yet her glare still carried judgement in it before her gaze returned to her own PADD. She straightened out her collar as she prepared for her turn to give her report. Diplomatic had been largely spared by the fire: Its most notable casualty had been Erika herself: The event had taken a great emotional toll on her, and she was prepared to shed light on her dark past in front of the crew.

After Rachel finished her report, Franklin was allowed to ponder the reply as he watched Karina arrive at the meeting. While his gaze was warm to see a fellow Officer arrive, even late, his thoughts betrayed that warmth. His gaze skipped around the room as he scratched his chin, straightening his uniform as he sat, and sighing as he clasped his hands together on the table.

"Welcome, Mrs. Sakaguchi," the Captain greeted. "You're promoted to Chief Flight Officer, effective as of this moment. Mrs. De'Lenn is dealing with some issues that are no fault of their own."

Watching her reply, the Captain's eyes skimmed the room again. There still were a few missing. That was okay. They'd either arrive or were busy with Cadets. It was an Academy starship, after all. He softly released a sigh, unheard - he hoped - as he continued. He then settled back on the Chief Engineer.

Ky'La 's head did not move a centimetre when the captain made the announcement. She knew it was coming and accepted in taking the back seat so to speak. It would afford her the time necessary to get her things in order, the first being her impending marriage to Michael.

"Ms. Williams, you did hit the nail on the head with the age of the vessel," confirmed the Captain addressing the prior message, "however as to the cause I would like you to research another factor: the Tellarite technology I approved for use. I have it on good authority from your medically bedridden Assistant Chief that they're likely a factor. If you could do some research in that direction and have a report to me within the next few days, I'd appreciate it."

*Smiles at the Captain* "Will do that Captain, will let you know the result" Rachel said oO If I can sort out the items from the tangled ODN Cables Oo she thought to herself.

Following the Chief Engineers' reply, the Captain then laid his eyes on Erika.

"Mrs Itsumi, I already have the informal report from Mrs Priadden about the condition of Medical and the injured, I have already visited Medical-" At this, he gave a nod to Kicil "-and saw Lieutenants Drauc and Kord about their efforts to save the ship. I'm now interested in your take as our Chief Cultural Officer on the condition of the cadets. You run the academic system on this ship as its principal. Have you heard any reports of second-guessing, any transfer requests, anything to indicate a lack of faith in the ship?"

"I've had a few requests to return to Earth cross my desk in the aftermath of the fire." Erika reported. "Mainly from cadets who lost friends, as they rightfully find it too painful to carry on. Morale from the cadets has largely been mixed: Some have been galvanized by this incident, while others want to run away with their tails between their legs."

Erika swallowed. She knew the Captain wasn't going to like what she had to say next, but it needed to be put out there in the universe.

"Perhaps the biggest case of second-guessing lies in myself." Erika continued. "Just to give a little bit of background, almost 5 years ago now, the USS Halcyon caught fire and later exploded. It was caused when a faulty plasma conduit exploded, and the resulting plasma fire spread out of control. I'm telling you about all of this because... I was there."

Erika took a shaky breath, she was already starting to tremble and she hadn't yet gotten to the hardest part.

"I helped people evacuate until the flames started licking my body..." She continued. "The pain I experienced was so immense that I don't remember how I got out of there alive..."

Erika was now struggling to hold it together:

"50 per cent of my body was badly burned... I was... Paralyzed from the waist down... I fought... Long and hard... Just to be able to walk again..."

Alas, Erika found it too difficult to continue talking, and the brave facade she had been struggling to maintain finally crumbled as the Chief Cultural Officer dissolved into a sobbing mess. The pain she had so long internalized was now on display for the captain and senior staff to see.

"I'm sorry..." Was all Erika could manage to say.

The room was quiet as Franklin - and those present - listened intently to Erika's retelling of her traumatic experience. The Captain gained a very sympathetic expression as he nodded along to her explanation. When she came to her conclusion, he deeply just wanted to hug her but knew that professionalism - and respect for the person - must win over. He cleared his throat gently as he spoke.

"Mrs. Itsumi - Erika - I want to let you know I will not fault you at all if you request a transfer," Franklin said as he spoke in a slow, careful, and respectful tone. "What you endured cannot be told or placed into value. Only you have the right to judge if you've won over this event or, at the very least, can live and endure it. I thank you for informing me of the Cadet situation. I'll just ask you to send me a report later when you're able on it and I'll review it. Take some time for yourself in the interim and decide what you want to do. I will fully support and back whatever decision you make without judgement - which I can say also no one here or on this ship will judge you for either."

"Of course..." Erika sobbed. "I'm sorry... Captain..."

"No need to be sorry," Franklin said supportively. He expected at this point her resignation soon but also hoped she'd stick around. "Take some time to yourself if necessary. We can finish the briefing without you. No pressure, Erika."

"It's alright..." Erika said. "I'll stick around until the end of the briefing, just... Don't expect me to say much..."

Not a second after the Chief Cultural Officer withdrew within herself, in stepped the second Commander on board the ship. Kanaka was late, something of a rarity for her, due to an overrunning Cadet Group Counselling session. The said session had relevance to the purpose of the meeting; ever since the fire incident, the Chief Counsellor had been dealing with the well-being of those affected and had even performed emergency triage in the aftermath. While they were lucky that the casualties were small, how quickly things escalated had shaken people.

Stepping into the Briefing Room with Green Tea in one hand and her own PADD in the other, Kana made sure she wasn't interrupting anyone before she addressed the Captain. "Apologies for my lateness, Captain--" As soon as she entered the room, she felt the psychological pain emanating from Erika, and immediately reading the Captain's body language, could tell that she had just broken down during the briefing. Likely this was related to what the Captain had referred her to the Counsellor for not long before the meeting. Saying nothing to it in the moment, she merely gave Franklin a look that suggested he should speak to her about it later. She then continued her sentence naturally as so to help move things along.

"I was with a group session. I shall brief you and the staff when you're ready." She gave a polite smile first to him and then to the others as she found her seat, giving particular attention to the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Cultural Officer respectively.

"Mrs. Shakura! Welcome," the Captain greeted, briefly sidelining his assurances to Erika as he turned to look at the Chief Counselor and reciprocated her "look" with one of acknowledgement from his expression. Following her explanation of her lateness, he gave a nod. "I understand completely. I have just started the meeting by hearing departmental reports. I would appreciate to know your department's understanding of the aftermath of our terrible situation."

Kicil sat up a bit when Commander Shakura entered the conference room, she was highly looking forward to her assessment of the crew's mental health.

Phoebe looked around the table, carefully assessing each of the members for any issues she could see. Her eyes came to rest on Sam Perkins, who seemed to be struggling a little. She looked over to their Chief Medical Officer. "My apologies to interrupt, but I wonder if you could give Mr Perkins something to get him through the meeting, he seems a little bit...worse for wear...And no arguments please Sam, we know you want to be here at this meeting, but there's no use making yourself worse, and taking longer to get back with us." She said, giving Sam a stern look.

Instead of giving her a witty and polite retort. Sam just gave her a weak nod.

Kicil smiled and replied "My pleasure. She then got up and walked over to Commander Sam Perkins. She knelt and opened a small kit she wore. Whispering to Sam "A shot of Cortropine should help overcome symptoms of weakness and fatigue." She then injected him. "Congratulations Commander, Colonel Graydon has made you a priority appointment post haste after this meeting in sickbay. No fussing or I'll inform the captain of your defiance of the Chief Medical Officer's orders," she said in a whisper. Kicil then stood and resumed her seat.

“ Don’t worry Doctor for once I will come quietly. This bug is getting me down and I want a shot of it.” Sam replied.

Kana waited a moment for the Chief Medical Officer to administer his treatment to the Chief Science Officer at the Executive Officer's request. While that was going on, the Chief Counsellor took the chance to prepare herself at her seat, setting her PADD in a comfortable position to read from and drawing a few sips from her tea. Once the room had settled once again, Kana stood and began to give her assessment as requested by the Captain.

"Captain, my fellow Officers," She began, acknowledging Franklin first, then looking around at each of the officers present in turn as she carried on with her address, "The Counselling Department's initial assessment of the crew's mental stability following our fire incident is a mixed picture. For our newest cadets, this has been their first major incident, so they are understandably on edge and still coming to terms with events as they happened. While we can take heart in how the crew managed itself in the heat of the moment, it's to be expected that upon reflection we would see a heightened degree of distress." She paused briefly to allow the room to reflect on that point, before continuing.

"Some of our more seasoned cadets and junior officers, who have been with us since the Battle of Betreka, have had a multitude of reactions. On the worst end of the scale, it has triggered trauma responses - particularly for those who lost friends, which we now must commit to addressing. Some have understandably shut themselves off as a means of self-preservation, so I would encourage the senior officers to keep a conscious eye on those who may seem fine on the surface, but who may be losing themselves too much in their duties to cope. One thing that makes this recent incident particularly challenging, for both the inexperienced and experienced alike, is that this was a disaster that occurred from within; while Starfleet Cadets expect dangers from adversaries or anomalies, they do not expect dangers from their ship. So we will need to reassure our crew that, despite her age, the Poseidon is still a steadfast vessel."

Kana paused again, at each of her points making sure to pay particular attention to the reactions of her fellow senior officers. "There is a silver lining amongst all of this: some of our senior cadets who have developed healthier coping strategies since Betreka, have been very proactive in reassuring and teaching those same strategies to their younger colleagues. So, while there will be a considerable effort necessary to assist those affected, I wager it may not take as long as it did after Betreka. This means that our crew is adapting, and growing, together. So, despite the mixed mood, crew cohesion is strong."

Ending on a reassuring note, she looked directly at Franklin. "That is my initial assessment, Captain. I can say more on the mental condition of those injured in the incident should you wish, though I can submit that to you and Lieutenant Commander Priadden if you'd prefer. For now, I'm happy to answer any questions you or the room may have."

"Yes, submit a report to me for private review on the extended analysis," Franklin said. He had leaned forward and was paying attention to the report intensely. He leaned back after it ended, relaxing a tad. "I do have a question though. Our next stop is supposed to be Andoria for a quick visit and while I do not plan to repeat the mistakes of Tellar, with the technology handshake and whatnot, it was intended to be an opportunity for Cadets to experience a few away missions before departure. However, considering your report, should we divert to the CJ-884 system? It's a few lightyears from Andoria and houses the old Starbase 7 and we can offload any cadets as necessary. Do you sense or feel we should do that?"

Kana took a moment to consider the Captain's suggestion, always an admirer of his cautious but gentle care of the crew in his charge. She had always sought to reassure him that this was one of the very reasons that the Commodore had likely chosen him for this command and that he hadn't just stumbled into it, as he so often feared. It was in these moments that during her time as the Executive Officer, she had grown to understand that he needed a touch of gentle care himself every once and a while.

"While I think that is a reasonable suggestion for the rest of the assembled officers here to wade in on, my suggestion would be to stay our current course. While this event has been challenging, it is worth noting that the devastation has been well-managed, and it is important for the continued growth of our crew that they recognise that events such as these - while we do our utmost to avoid them - can sometimes happen, and that we need to be able to answer those and carry on. If we change course now, that may only cast further doubt in their minds, whereas if we continue onto Andoria I think our cadets will wish to rise to the challenge after such a challenging experience. I also think it would be better for them to take some time away from the confines of a starship or base, and to plant their feet on firm ground."

Franklin had always admired Kanaka for her gentle reassurances and guidance. It was why she made an excellent Chief Counselor and was irreplaceable in the ranks of the Poseidon. The ship did have a formal Academy President in the form of the Chief Cultural Officer, but that was strictly and mostly administrative. Without Kanaka, however, nothing the Cultural Division did would have any semblance of support. He nodded firmly to her suggestion, often missing her as an Executive Officer, but understanding the stress of her job that led to her focusing entirely on Counseling.

"Thank you, Mrs. Shakura," Franklin said, a hint of a smile. "As always you are prompt to reassure a situation. We'll stay the course, then."

Franklin then turned his attention to Michael.

"Mr. Stevens, how is Operations holding up and is it prepared for departure?"

Micheal replied, " Operations is stocked and ready to go, Sir," he continued, "However, Dockmaster will not release supplies for Engineering and Medical, however, the Cadets were doing a good job learning how to store the correct packages in the right compartment."

"Alright, good to know on the Cadets," remarked Franklin. "I'll get with the Dockmaster soon and get you those supplies. Either myself or the Commodore."

Whatever Doctor Priadden had given Sam he was beginning to feel better. But he would still visit sickbay afterwards.

“ Sir…. I don’t seem to have a list of new Science Cadets.” Sam said after Stevens had finished.

"Is that so?" Franklin asked, producing a PADD and blinking as he queried the results. Sam was right. There had been very little activity from the Science Division in terms of Cadets. He sighed. "Well, Mr. Perkins," the Captain said as he looked at his Chief Science Officer and set down his PADD, "I'm sure the Commodore can manage his end of this affair, since heads the Cadet Training Program for the Poseidon. In the meantime I want you and your department to focus on cross-training. That should give you ample academic experience - and your staff - until new Cadets arrive for your division. Sound good?"

“ Yes sir,” Sam said

Kicil interjected "As for where they should cross-train, I need some individuals that can act as emergency medical technicians. Send those you think are good candidates to my office and I will set up a training regime for them."

"Noted, Mrs. Priadden," Franklin said, making a quick note on his PADD before putting it down again. "I'll look into seeing what I can do."

“ You know seeing I have to visit Dr Priadden after this meeting. My medical training is a tad rusty perhaps a refresher course could come in handy?” Sam suggested

"Always willing to oblige. Thank you, captain, for backing my plan." Kicil said, weariness in her voice.

Sam wondered if she was remembering the incident with the Chihuahua but that was his assistant's fault, not his. Unless it was that incident with Norman and an over-nosedy Cadet, who should have known better?

"You're very welcome," nodded the Captain as he smiled. He then turned his attention to Ahkshsu. "Mr. Trensu, how is Security handling the aftereffects of our situation?"

Trensu gave a curt nod. "All is well, all things considered. Most of the situation is psychological and probably best dealt with by Medical and Counseling. We've had little reports of disturbances and the ones that are valid towards this circumstance are negligible. I'll send you a full report after the meeting if that's fitting, sir?"

Franklin nodded, "Absolutely fine, Mr. Trensu. Thank you." He then turned his head to face T'pri.

"Mrs. T'Pri, how is the intelligence department and has Starfleet Intelligence anything to add to the matter of our fire?" Franklin asked, giving the floor to the Chief of Intelligence.

"Captain, they are still waiting for the findings of our team before they draw any conclusions," T'Pri replied.

Franklin nodded, "Very well. Give me a report when you're capable."

Kicil had a sudden idea but would need to speak to both Lieutenant Commander Itsumi and Commander Shakura. "Sorry to interrupt captain, but I would like to speak with Commander Itsumi and Commander Shakura after this meeting. I have a proposal for them and feel I need to discuss it sooner than later."

The Captain nodded. "Absolutely! Two or more heads are better than one, so go right ahead. If it's something I need to be appraised of, let me know."

Franklin then turned his attention to Phoebe. "Number one? Do you have a report ready or should we discuss it in private?"

"Nothing that we haven't already discussed Captain. We should be ready as soon as we're given the green light." She said, handing over a PADD that detailed the ship's readiness.

Franklin took the PADD and reviewed it, then nodded to Phoebe. "Thank you, Number one." He then looked around the table. "Anyone I missed? Anyone? Go ahead and report, if not we'll conclude."

Hearing no one, Franklin nodded.

"Alright, ladies and gents, as I see we are prepared for our departure I will permit it within the next day," Franklin said as he relayed his plans. "We will continue our cadet cruise as scheduled. Our next stop will be Andoria. Have your departments prepped and ready. That is all, dismissed."



Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


Lieutenant Colonel Phoebe Graydon
Executive Officer
USS Poseidon


Commander Sam Perkins
Second Officer/Chief Science Officer
USS Poseidon


Lieutenant Commander Erika Itsumi
Chief Cultural Officer
USS Poseidon


Lt Commander Jennifer Williams
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Poseidon


Lieutenant Commander Kicil Priadden
Chief Medical Officer
USS Poseidon


Lt. Cmndr. Ahkhsu Trensu
Chief Security Officer
USS Poseidon


Cmndr. Kanaka Shakura
Chief Counselor
USS Poseidon


Lt. Cmndr. Michael Stevens
Chief Operations Officer
USS Poseidon


Lt. Cmndr. T'Pri
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Poseidon


Lt. Cmndr. Ky'la De'Lenn
Assistant Chief Flight Operations Officer
USS Poseidon


Lt. Karina Sakaguchi
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Poseidon


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