Lieutenant Commander Michael Stevens

Name Michael Stevens

Position Chief Operations Officer

Second Position Third Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5Ft 7"
Weight 145LBs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Michael is 5 feet 7 inches tall with jet black short hair with Blue eyes and weighs 145 Lbs, with a baby face looking at him. Michael has a youthful eagerness to see the stars.


Father Harry Stevens
Mother Anne Marie Stevens

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Michael is young and willing to learn new things and experience them for the first time; he is loyal to those around him.

20 Weakness: Michael has been known to work well with others but when off duty stays on his own.
Ambitions Michael’s main ambition is to be on the Security detail for the President.
Hobbies & Interests Archery & Swimming

Personal History Micheal was born in 2366 to Harry & Ann Marie Stevens at the family home in London. Whilst he was growing up, his father's ambition was as an aide to the President of the Federation, Micheal never got to see his father much due to him being away a lot. He spent most of his time alone and not making friends. This started to worry his mother when he started to attend the James T Kirk Primary school in 2371 and hoped that this would bring him out of his shell.

During his teenage years, as Micheal learned and grew, he witnessed the vital importance of work in security and knew that was what he wanted to do. Micheal concentrated on his grades to gain a place at Starfleet Academy. While on a rare visit home, Micheal’s father had a rare chance to speak with him about his plans for his future. his father said to wait and see.

During his visit home Micheal had learned to fly shuttles and runabouts and had cleared his pilots licence, he had found that he enjoyed this and had taken his family on day trips and wondered if this was his calling or Security, with his new skills he wondered if he would be moved out of the course and in to a pilots course when he got to the Academy.

In 2384 on his 18th birthday his father gave him some news that he had been wanting to hear for sometime. He told Micheal that he had asked an Admiral in Starfleet who was a family friend to sponsor Micheal for the Academy. It was at the end of his first year Micheal made his choice and entered the Operations Corps.

Just months before he started his basic training, Micheal heard from the Admiral that had sponsored him that both his mother & father had perished in a freak accident. The accident had involved his father's shuttle and another shuttle that had just left Command near the golden gate bridge. With the investigation still pending, Micheal had been given the opportunity to wait for the results of the investigation and put on hold his studies. Micheal thanked the Academy for the offer, but stated that he needed something to focus on and asked to resume his career.

In his grief, Micheal kept to himself and didn't let anyone in, he even shunned his classmates. That was until Maria McMahon, a fellow cadet entered his life. For the next month Maria managed to get him to talk about his loss and the thoughts he was having about quitting the Academy.

Maria asked him to think of how his father would feel if he quit. This made him feel ashamed for wanting to quit and he decided to carry on. He even asked Maria to have dinner with him as a way of thanking her for her assistance, this he knew was a first step to which she accepted.

In the coming months Micheal and Maria became close friends, even to the point where they had become lovers. In 2388 Micheal was assigned to the USS Palmer for his six month Cadet cruise as had Maria, In the May of 2389 both Micheal and Maria had graduated from the Academy. In 2389 Micheal found that his first assignment was to the USS Sentinel as an Operations Officer whilst Maria was assigned to the USS Lexington.

Service Record 2384-2385-Cadet Years 1 Basic training
2385-2386 Cadet Years 2 Security training
2386-2387 Cadet Year 3 Small weapons training
2387-2388 Cadet Year 4 Large weapons training
2388-2388 Cadet Cruise: USS Palmer

Starfleet Service record:
2389-Pres Ensign- Operations USS Sentinel