Lieutenant Karina Sakaguchi

Name Karina Sakaguchi

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 95lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Karina is a generally nice person to know. She can be a little excitable and sometimes a little reckless, but otherwise she is caring and considerate of others. She is easy to befriend and can sometimes be classed as a little bit annoying. On duty she is a very dedicated to her job and will do all she can to get things done.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Rentaro Sakaguchi
Mother Amu Sakaguchi

Personality & Traits

General Overview Karina is a generally nice person to know. She can be a little excitable and sometimes a little reckless, but otherwise she is caring and considerate of others. She is easy to befriend and can sometimes be classed as a little bit annoying. On duty she is a very dedicated to her job and will do all she can to get things done.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Include:
+ Driving Vehicles
+ Piloting
+ Can be very brave in certain situations

Weaknesses Include:
- Can get annoying
- Can sometimes be a little childish
- Doesn't cope well in the dark
Ambitions Karina has a few ambitions. Right now she wants to proceed up the Starfleet Career ladder. She is unsure if she ever wants to command a starship as she can't see herself making big decisions. She however is always open to looking for a boyfriend, just most boys are put off by her tomboy nature.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies
+ Drawing and Writing
+ Flying and driving vehicles
+ Swimming

+ Anything that can be driven or piloted
+ Planes, she really likes planes for some reason.

Personal History Karina was born and brought up in Japan. Her family owned an engineering factory on the outskirts of Sapporo on Japan's Hokkaido Island. The factory was responsible for building and repairing different civilian vehicles including transports, shuttles, air trams and ground vehicles.

Since an early age Karina has always been involved with machinery. Her father always said that she would one day become a great enigneer and be building the next generation of air trams. However Karina never really showed interest in how they worked, she would always want to ride in them. When she was young her father would take her out in the different types of vehicles and drive her around the fields and hills in them. She loved it and enjoyed watching her father operate them.

Her fascination with flying and piloting came to Karina when she was six years old. Her father had been called into a buisness meeting at the factory and accidently left the door to a civilian orbital transport open. Karina had wandered in and began to pretend to fly the transport, presuming that it wouldn't actually take off.

However it did take off because Karina had memorised how her father flew them. It was only when her father came out of the meeting and discovered that the transport, and Karina had disappeared did he become worried. Karina and the transport were eventually found sixty miles north by a Starfleet shuttle which had been sent out to find her. When the officers beamed aboard they found Karina piloting the transport but not able to land it, or turn it around. They took over and returned her back to the factory.

She got into quite a lot of trouble for that, even though she cried a lot and was only playing. From that moment on her father made sure she could never accidently "Play" in a transport again.

When Karina started school at age 6, she was well known as the girl who had flown a transport. The teachers reffered to her informally as the "Kindergarten Pilot". It was evident she loved to fly and drive things, as her favourite toys were cars, trains and planes. She had no room for lions, tigers and elephants in her life as long as she had her cars. She was also notorious for making paper airplanes and flying them across the room.

Throughout her school life she was obsessed with learning about planes and cars. She dived head first into the topic. The teachers worried that she was too obsessed, however her grades were also excellent.

She proceeded to develop normally and excelled in Maths. She was very good at making calculations in her head. During high school she was top of the school when it came to Mathematics and Science. However ask her to cook something and she'd burn water for you.

When Karina was sixteen and in her second year at High School she decided what she wanted to do. Her father had tried to help her with her career plan and she was unsure. But after some research she decided that she wanted to become a pilot. She wanted to fly things and she didn't really care what she flew. That year a Starfleet Officer came to visit her father to organise a contract with their company to repair shuttles and ground vehicles for use on Earth. He remembered Karina from the incident ten years ago and asked if she had ever considered Starfleet. Karina said that she would think about it.

When she graduated High School she had made up her mind. She turned to her parents and told them she wanted to Join Starfleet. But not as an engineer like her father had wanted, but as a Pilot. Her father was devestated that Karina didn't take up the family trade, but still happy that she had found something she loved. So at age eighteen Karina took the Entrance Exam for Starfleet Academy.

She found it harder than she expected but still managed to get in. Her score was very good and she was reported to be in the top twenty per cent of applications. She was accepted into the Starfleet Flight Training school and soon found herself in San Francisco.

The first year at the Academy was simple. Basic flying and how to use Starfleets equipment. As well as survival training and basic space training. Karina hated the Zero G training, she despised how useless it made her muscles feel. She excelled at piloting and engine management though. That was one class she was always top of.

In her second year she was asked if she wanted to join a special branch of Starfleet Academy called Red Squad. She was informed she would be taking advanced piloting and it would make her a better officer with better prospects of promotion. Karina accepted and spent the next two years at the Academy. She worked hard and slowly started to become an skilled pilot. She was the only one on the current Red Squad who could do a barrell roll in a Type 9 shuttle manually without losing control or becoming motion sick while in the rain at low altitude.

On her fourth year she was assigned to the USS Polaris on her cadet cruise alongside several other Red Squad cadets. The Polaris was an old Constution Class Training Ship that hardly left the Sol System. Its warp drive was far too old to be used, however Red Squad's task was to somehow re=enable the Warp Drive and get the ship to Vulcan.

Karina and Red Squad spent the next two weeks playing around with the Polaris. They eventually got the Warp Drive online however the navigation sensors were outdated and needed an upgrade. Karina manually navigated the Polaris to Vulcan and managed to get the ship upto Warp Eight without damaging the engines, something that the ships Engineering Instructor had said was impossible.

After her training cruise she took her flight exams, both practical and theory. She excelled in both of them, including the run around Jupiter and Titan, one of the most difficult meaunuvers in the entire Sol System. However she pulled it off with flying colours and graduated soon after.

She didn't have long to wait before she was snapped up by the USS Poseidon. They wanted a new Chief Flight Control Officer and because of her grades and piloting skills she was transfered straight into the Chief's Spot with the rank of Ensign. This was mainly because they were desperate for a chief.

After a years service aboard the Poseidon, Karina was promtoed to Lieutenant Junior Grade for her hard work by Captain Paladin. However the Poseidon was due a refit and brought back into a drydock. Karina found herself reassigned to a different ship. However she wasn't able to find a chief spot on another ship so was transferred aboard the USS Ark Royal with her rank, but took the position as Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer.

She spent the next three years aboard the Ark Royal, an ageing Excelsior Class Starship. She enjoyed her time aboard the Ark Royal, but it didn't have the same 'charm' as a smaller ship. She found the Excelsior 'boring' and 'sluggish' to pilot. She would often find herself reminiscing about her time at the helm of the Poseidon.

It was during a conversation with a friend on the Poseidon that Karina discovered that they had been through a small re-crew and were recruiting pilots again. She took the opportunity and put in for a transfer back to the Poseidon. She was happy to recieve the news that Captain Paladin who had been promoted to Commodore had managed to get her back aboard, recommending her to the Poseidons newest CO, Captain Franklin Johnson.

Karina set off back to the Poseidon meeting the ship at Risa, after being promoted again as a 'farewell gift' from the CO of the Ark Royal to the rank of Full Lieutenant.
Service Record 2388 - 2388 Starfleet Academy - Starfleet Piloting School
2389 - 2391 -Starfleet Academy - Red Squad Advanced Piloting
2391 -2391 - Starfleet Academy - Red Squad Training Cruise - USS Polaris
2392 - 2392 USS Poseidon - Chief Flight Control Officer (Temporary Assignment) - Ensign
2392 - 2395 - USS Ark Royal - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer - Lieutenant Junior Grade
2395 - ???? - USS Poseidon - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer - Lieutenant