Captain Franklin Johnson

Name Franklin Shane Johnson

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Franklin Shane Johnson has a standard human appearance of a fit individual, with a modest jawline and friendly glance that usually denotes an approachable individual. He has only a single long scar along his back from his experience as a space hauler, during an accident with a cargo box and bulkhead. The scar stretched from his shoulder blade to his lower torso, Franklin choosing to not completely heal the injury to remind him of the incident that almost cost his life. He maintains a combed-back hairstyle and a modestly groomed appearence.


Spouse None
Children No children known.
Father Tiberius Shane Johnson
Mother Dorothy Maggy Johnson
Brother(s) 3 brothers; Samuel, Brodar, and Jackson Johnson.
Sister(s) 1 Sister; Julie Johnson.
Other Family Personal mentor; Gregory Paladin, Commodore in Starfleet.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Franklin Johnson has had a very normal life, as far as standard humans go that originate from Earth. He has a good head on his shoulders and has, through the trials presented in a career as a civilian space freight hauler, come to appreciate the complexity of what he has gained. He is a humble individual by nature, but very approachable and generally excited about the proposition of his career with Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Franklin has many strengths, up to and including adaptability in unusual circumstances as was presented during his few month stay alone on Alpha Centauri. Eventually, however, his weaknesses did show through, which included a limited ability to cope with unusual and extraordinary circumstances over a long duration.
Ambitions Franklin aspires to complete the dream that Gregory Paladin gave up, and make his parents proud through his achievements in Starfleet. He plans on continuing to rise in rank and assisting others with achieving their dreams as well.
Hobbies & Interests Franklin enjoys working out, typically, and taking care of plants. It was a side interest he took on the freighter during his civilian space hauling career. Thanks to Gregory, he has taken up an interest in model building too.

In recent times, after having a prescription for such, Franklin has taken an interest in Romulan cuisine. More specifically, he enjoys Virinatian Nut tea with a Reman Slate Cracker.

Personal History Franklin Shane Johnson was born on Earth, in the old territory of Georgia in the United States. His early years were spent traveling from one place to another, eventually pursuing careers in the thriving suborbital transportation industry. His father having been a huge inspiration for his early career choices, Franklin naturally pursued a tour on a dilithium hauler and spent a few years traveling across Federation space.

The turning point in Franklin's life happened on Alpha Centauri. After experiencing a logistical flop as the ship he was stationed on departed without him, Franklin had been left with nothing but the clothes on his back. A former Starfleet Officer by the name of Gregory Paladin chanced upon Franklin at a local bar, taking him in and, for a few weeks, offering him a home until things straightened out. It was there that Gregory made the suggestion that Franklin join Starfleet Academy.

After spending another few months on the same freighter that had accidently left him behind, Franklin eventually ended his career by returning to earth and applying for Starfleet. Taking Gregory's advice, he took on the challenge of the Officers Corps and, upon graduation, made the rank of Lieutenant, junior grade. Neither top nor bottom of class, Franklin found himself assigned to the Norway-class Medium Cruiser, U.S.S. Tennessee as a Security Officer under the Chief of Security. Due to his experience with stellar navigation and shipping routes, Franklin was cross-trained as a Navigation Officer and later promoted to full Lieutenant.

Two years into his career on the U.S.S. Tennessee found Franklin as one of the senior experienced officers still on board, the majority of which had rotated out months prior for better and more prestigious positions. Franklin would spent an addition year as the ships Chief Navigation Officer, accumulating further experience on the Tennessee, before he would receive a full promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Days after his promotion, with an additional crew rotation and the retirement of his prior Commanding Officer, Franklin was chosen as the ships next Second-in-Command.

Unlike many other acclaimed officers in Starfleet, Franklins rise in rank was not heralded by loss. In fact, he kept constant contact with his parents and siblings, and even made time during shore leave on Earth to visit them. As the months progressed into another year, and the expectation of shore leave on Alpha Centauri approaching, Franklin decided that it was time to look up another familiar face whom he had also regularly contacted during his early career. Gregory Paladin and Franklin Johnson once again met face to face, and once again Gregory played a pivotal role in inspiring the younger - and presently active - starfleet officer to rise further in his career.

Upon his return - and at the ripe age of 30 - Franklin made it known to his Commander Officer that he would be applying for Command School. Two months later and with all the proper paperwork sorted, Franklin made it his mission to finish what Gregory started all those years ago.

The following four years of command school went uneventful, and his promise to Gregory Paladin was thereafter partially fulfilled in 2393 upon his graduation and promotion to Commander, given command of the Miranda-class U.S.S. Poseidon NCC-42635.

The next three years on the U.S.S. Poseidon were filled with adventure and loss. The first day of shakedown in 2393 leads to the tragic loss of a acclaimed starfighter pilot, with initial assumptions of an accident thrown but eventually proof of foul play discovered. This leads the then-Commander Johnson and crew of of the USS Poseidon onto a wild journey of investigation and discovery for a year. After a promotion to Captain in 2394 for his efforts by Pegasus Fleet, hints and driplets of information lead the crew towards the Bright Nebula.

Their initial journey of discovery is halted as the eventful Battle of the Bright Nebula begins. Facing off against two Sabre-class vessels, the USS Cain and USS Abel, Captain Johnson leads the USS Poseidon through a daring plan that eventually culminates in a final showdown. However they are taken by surprise and lose 25 crew to a surprise attack, yet strike back viciously to their assailants which leads to a boarding action by the USS Abel onto the USS Poseidon. The Marines onboard the USS Poseidon, with the overwhelming help of Security and Crew, repel boarders and eventually cause overwhelming damage to the enemy. The conclusion of the Battle of the Bright Nebula saw the aging Akula-class USS Pitchfork arrive in time to aid the damaged USS Poseidon, allowing her to achieve victory and lick her wounds back to Starbase 47.

Following the events of the Battle of the Bright Nebula, Starfleet saw the obstacles that faced the aging Miranda-class USS Poseidon. Faced with the choice of either permanently decommissioning or reassigning her, Starfleet hands over the USS Poseidon fully and unconditionally to Starfleet Academy as a fully-fledged training vessel. Several key members of the original crew are promoted outward following this transfer, with many achieving their lifelong goals. Captain Franklin Johnson stays on the USS Poseidon with Commodore Gregory Paladin and the two eventually refresh their rosters. By early 2395, the USS Poseidon resumes her mission with new purpose, Captain Johnson leading the way.

Service Record Pre-Starfleet:

-S.S. Shipman's Quest (Civilian) Edward-class Freighter-
Dockhand, three years. Promotion to Dock Foreman after third tour on board, that same year promoted to Navigation Officer.


At the age of 22, Franklin Shane Johnson joined Starfleet Academy and began his education within the officers corps after having himself vouched for by an ex-member of Starfleet, retired, a Commander Gregory Paladin. Graduated rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade, no honors, age 24.

--U.S.S. Tennessee (NCC-42251) Norway-class Medium Cruiser--
Age 24, assigned to roster of U.S.S. Tennessee (NCC-42251) as Security Officer. Approximately 4 months later, due to prior experience with stellar navigation in civilian logistics and stellar freight hauling, was thereby approved for cross-training into Navigation and given proper shipboard credentials. Due to exemplary skill and dedication to duty following an additional 3 months, promotion to full Lieutenant approved by Starfleet per recommendation of ships Commanding Officer.

Age 26, 2 years and 7 months into service, promoted to Chief Navigational Officer.

Age 28, 4 years and 2 months into service, promotion to Lieutenant Commander approved by Starfleet per recommendation by Commanding Officer. Senior experienced staff status recognized by Starfleet, hand-picked as next-in-line Executive Officer under new Commanding Officer.

Age 30, 8 years and 3 months into service, application for Command School received and accepted along with strong recommendation from Command Officer of U.S.S. Tennessee (NCC-42251).

Age 34, 12 years into service, graduation from Command School, graduated rank of Commander. Given command of U.S.S. Poseidon (NCC-42635).

Age 35, 13 years into service, promoted from Commander to Captain by Pegasus Fleet Admiralty.

Age 37, 15 years into service, service and ship transferred from Pegasus Fleet to Theta Fleet by order of Starfleet Command. Shortly after in the beginning of the year 2396 was promoted to Task Group Commanding Officer of Theta Fleet 51-C Banshee with the USS Poseidon as flagship vessel.