Commander Sam Perkins

Name Sam Perkins

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Commander


  • 92 Mission Posts

Last Post

Saturday April 6th, 2024 @ 7:32pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 100kg
Hair Color Light Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Sam has short hair with a beard and moustache. He has blue eyes and thin eye brows. A slender nose sits in the centre of his face.

He has a muscular frame with powerful legs. Although he walks with a slight limp.Caused by a childhood trauma. Which until now has been difficult to cure.

Usually smartly turned out. Even when dressed in casual wear. Likes semi formal dress like shirts rather then tee’s and cotton trousers always dark coloured. Likes to sleep in old fashioned pyjamas


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dr Phil Perkins: ( veterinarian surgeon )
Mother Sally Wondell (nurse ) , Stepmother Sally ( Music teacher )
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Maternal Grandparents dead.

Paternal Grandmother: Lisa Perkins ( Artist )
Paternal Grandfather: Tom Perkins ( Holo novel writer )

Personality & Traits

General Overview When you first meet Sam you can’t help but smile. He has a very good sense of humour. But you get the feeling he maybe trying to hard to be liked. This may come from his rather sad upbringing. Perkins is a likeable guy and he will stand by you in times of need. But sometimes he won’t defend himself. Even if he is in the wright. Sam will never outwardly except that. Always putting others first.

Although he has got over his shyness. Sam can be a little nervous around others. He tries to hide this by telling anecdotes which are always true. A very cultured man but due to his mothers rejection. Also a sad one.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:- Easy going always helpful. Photographic memory. A good friend to all. He is fluent in Vulcan , Klingon and Bajoran.Great cook as well. Brilliant sense of humour and good story teller.

Weaknesses:- Can get depressed. Worries to much about hurting or offending others. Over apologises if he is in the wrong. Will not stick up for himself only others. Not comfortable speaking about his personal life.
Ambitions He would love to find a cure for Bendii Syndrome. As a vulcan Cadet he became friendly with , lost his father to this illness.

He has never really fancied the centre seat or the XO spot. He would rather be one of the guyes in the background.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:-

Sam loves play the piano. Loves to cook especially Italian dishes. Pasta is his favourite. Loves to read 20th century classics. He also likes to paint.


Studying Italian cooking. Readings works by Dickens , Mark Twain and Sir Terry Pratchett.Also Vulcan and Bajoran literature.Music of the early 20th century. Such as songs from the 1960’s. He also likes to collect facts. Sam also loves old Earth Movies of the 20th and early 21st century.

Personal History Early life:- Sam was born in the Hertfordshire town of Saint Albans. In the UK on planet Earth. His birth was not an easy one and Sam’s mother almost died. This may have led to her rejection of the little Sam. Although his father tried to get Perkins mother to want him. In the end he had to sadly send the little cherub to an orphanage.

Sam was small for a child and easily the pray of bullies. The little boy had no idea that the rather cold nurse. Who used to visit the orphanage to check on the children was his mother. In fact she treated the little child with Distain. One day ignoring Sams tearful cries that his chest hurt. She failed to notice the child had a broken rib when he fell off a climbing frame. This was the final straw for Sams father. He filed for divorce and took young Sam out of the orphanage.

Sams Paternal Grandparents had disowned his father. But when they heard he was divorcing his mother. They welcomed his father back with open arms. His grandparents were over joyed to learn they had a grandson. Showing the child with kisses and promising to be a big part of his life.

From then on Sams early days were much better. His grandparents helped his father to raise little Sam. They were the ones who gave Sam his early love of literature. Growing up in the English countryside. Perkins learned many things about nature. Even as a child he loved to gather facts.

His father remarried a music teacher. Because she was unable to have children. She treated Perkins like he was her own son. Sam got on very well with her. It was she who suggested he learnt to play the piano. Which after a few problems with performing in front of people. Who soon over came this with counsellor sessions and became extremely good at it.

Sam only saw his mother once more. At the divorce hearing he slipped from his grandparents hands. Went over to her and kicked her ankle before being dragged away. Shouting “ Your a very bad women “. This cemented his fathers case and he was awarded full custody and the divorce.

High School and teen years:-

As his grandparents lived on the outskirts of Cambridge. There was no shortage of paths to academia. Sam was extremely clever and his photographic memory helped. He was still a little short though and unfortunately the target for bullies. But one summer this all changed when he started to grow tall. Eventually his height would top out at 6 foot. But this meant that last years bullies now became his prey instead. But instead of hurting them. He just gave them a good scare. This was to hide his shyness which would be a problem for him.But as he approached his teenage years Sam learnt to deal with this. Often when meeting new people who would use natural humour and a good story to break the ice.

Sam was a very good student he showed a natural talent for science especially biology. He seemed to have an immunity to being squeamish. Something which helped with his PHD later on. He would often be seen happily watching operations. While other students turned green and lost their lunch except the Orions who were green already. It was Perkins biology teacher who put him onto the idea of being a Doctor.

Perkins did so well in school. That by the age of 12 he was enrolled in medical college. Hailed as a child genius Sam studied well and after leaving he went to one of Cambridge’s top Universities.

University & Starfleet Academy:-

Socially he did well. But it was a constant battle with his shyness. He did meet a nice young lady called Kate. For a time they were an item but her father. Got a new job on DS9 which meant she and her family moved to Bajor. For a time they kept in touch. But the relationship fizzled out in the end. So Sam buried him self in his studies and did very well qualifying as a doctor with full honours.

For a while he practised at the local hospital. Then one day an Andorian came in with a knife injury. It was the first time he had ever treated a non human. Sam was hooked. He applied to join Starfleet Academy.

His father was ok ish on the idea. So were his Grandparents they were just worried he would be safe out there. But Sam convinced them it was something he wanted to do.

Although he found the physical side rather difficult. His studies at the academy went very well and in four years he graduated. Took up his first posting on the USS Steam runner. Where the crew were nearly wiped out by a nasty virus .Sam was able to assist the CMO in finding a cure. But with only a handful of survivors left the ship was decommissioned and now Sam is waiting for its next to posting.

Service Record Service record:-

2387:Joined Starfleet acdenmy.
2391:Graduated full honours
2391: Posted to USS Steam-runner as medic
2393: Transfered to USS Poseidon as ACMO
2393: Transferred to Chief Science Officer position by authority of Commodore Paladin on board the USS Poseidon