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A Matter of Intelligence and Cooperation

Posted on Saturday February 3rd, 2024 @ 10:58am by Crewman Eradaar Ezazzan & Cadet Freshman Grade Max Gill & Cadet Freshman Grade Hapam Rajam & Commander Sam Perkins & Lieutenant Commander Ahkhsu Trensu & Lieutenant Commander Steven Ryan & Cadet Freshman Grade Nigel Raymond

2,288 words; about a 11 minute read

Mission: The Grand Tour: Part Two
Location: USS Poseidon; Deck 2 - CIC & Deck 6 - Intelligence Offices; Various Shipwide Places
Timeline: The Grand Tour - Arrived at Tellar
Tags: Grand Tour, 2395, Character Development


Since the recent overhaul of the USS Poseidon, the Intelligence Department has been in an unfortunate state of limbo. Most of the original offices that pertained to them had either constantly moved from one office to another or had been temporarily remodeled to make room for more departments or cadet facilities. Not all was consistently changed, however, as the ship's original Combat Information Center deck was left relatively unscathed. It had, through every overhaul interval, been consistently upgraded to keep up with advances in modern integrated technology. Most of the stations that were there were now redundant, leaving more room for other departments to function there as newer stations with integrated functionality were added.

It was here, on deck two, that the ship's Intelligence Department had gained a permanent holding on the ship. Right where the Communications Control & Cryptography traditionally was, most of the stations had been increasingly integrated enough that all of them could fit alongside Intelligence systems and stations. This was where the Intelligence Department heads were positioned, their primary seats, and their usual locations. Primary Intelligence Offices were, unfortunately, still being rotated around on Deck 6 until a more permanent solution could be found.

Cadets Max Gill, Hapam Rajam, and Eradaar Ezazzan once again reported together for an assignment. All three had signed up for the offered Intelligence course under the instruction of the Assistant Chief of Intelligence, Lieutenant Commander Jason Elliot. Not much was detailed about the course other than that it was described as a "team-building exercise" and merits would be included upon course completion, which was expected to take anywhere from a few days to weeks. Max, as usual, had baited his Cardassian friend Hapam who eventually pulled along their mutual Gorn friend Eradaar into the course, and together the three maintained their friend group as they committed to another objective together. The three were on deck 2, a rarely seen and critical part of the ship which had undergone significant overhauls.

Thanks to Hapam's usual level of fascination, the group had learned that the Captain's Quarters and Senior Officer's Quarters had been added to this deck and the deck itself slightly expanded to accommodate it. They also learned that while most of the original stations still technically existed, they had been severally condensed into and integrated into other stations which allowed for more room on the deck for other departments to function and collaborate in the Combat Information Center. One such example was how the Intelligence Department now controlled the right side of the deck, assisting with the function of Cryptography, Information Gathering and Assessment, and Communications Control.

The three waited just outside the area for the Intelligence Department, a sliding door sealing off the usually sensitive information as they waited on the other side of it.

Jason rounded a bend in the corridor, "Can I help you, cadets?"

"That's him!" Eradaar said, in an excited hushed tone. The other two nodded, confirming.

"Lt. Commander Elliot, we're here for the team building exercise advertised by your department for merits," Max said, quickly turning to Jason. "It was advertised openly on the Cadet Board for free assignments. May we ask what this exercise entails?"

The three waited patiently, though with some excitement at getting what appeared to be some easy merits. All unawares that they could possibly have been duped somehow. Then again, it was almost impossible to fake such an assignment in a secure system.

Jason smiled, "So you want to play some starship bingo? are you sure you can handle the challenge since it's not for the weak."

"" inquired Hapam, cautiously. He and Eradaar had never heard of this word before, but Max had a confused look on his face.

"You mean the old people's game of Bingo?" Max asked, a somewhat disappointed look on his face. "I thought we were going to be doing actual assignments, not games."

Nigel was surprised he had been put down for extra training. He had assumed the Commodores test had been the last. So when he was instructed to join the other three Nigel had thought it was a typo. That was until literally ten seconds ago when he received a reminder. Nigel charged out of the Galley and made his way to the Intelligence Department.

"Oh, hey Nigel!" waved Eradaar when he arrived.

“ Sorry I am late. Only I have no idea why my name was put down for this. I am a Chef…..unless the Commodore thought that in case things go badly , I would have a second career to fall back on. In which case I should be here and am sorry for being late.” Nigel said.

Jason smiled, "The essence of being in Starfleet is teamwork, problem-solving, and creative thinking, so with that, throughout the ship, there are a series of challenges and tasks which will make you have to think in an unconventional manner, some might seem like simple tasks, others while complex aren't, while others are extreme, it's up to you to figure out the solution to each one."

The Cadets listened intently to Jason as he spoke, they then nodded along as he explained how teamwork was critical. Max then spoke up.

"What tasks do you have for us?" he asked for the group.

"The first challenge is a task to find the heartbeat, then descend to where thoughts are mechanical and logical, find that which isn't green but not yellow either." Jason said, "There the next clue is in my image."

The Cadets looked at each other, perplexed at first, until Max brought them all into a huddle to offer some explanation.

"These are riddles!" Max proclaimed, partially excited. "I know the first one right off the bat! It's the ship's warp core, the 'heartbeat'! So if we take each riddle and translate it to a real-world aspect, we'll get our answer!"

"Good thinking!" Hapam said, congratulating his friend. Eradaar nodded in affirmation.

"I've got them listed down here," Eradaar said as she briefly showed her PADD. "Find the heartbeat is the first, then 'descend to where thoughts are mechanical and logical' is next, and last is 'find that which isn't green but not yellow either' which includes the addition of having an image of the Lt. Commander there."

Max nodded, looking to the whole group. "I'm positive the first one is the warp core. The second almost sounds like the computer core by the way it sounds. Maybe we should start with those two places?"

He turned to Nigel briefly, the whole group looking. "What do you think, Nigel?" Max asked.

“ I’m just a chef I don’t know sorry.” Nigel said

The door opened and Senior Cadet Louis from the Security department walked in breathing a little hard from the jog there. Seeing everyone there and that the assignment had started Louis felt wrong for interrupting. "Sorry for the interruption, I was told by Lieutenant Commander Trensu to be a part of this training and to get the Brovo processing chip for the Brovo processing board so that I can learn more about the systems of the ship?" after the explanation Louis looked down at the ground with a look of disappoint realizing Lieutenant Commander Trensu had tricked him again.

Louis regained his composure "Lieutenant Commander Elliot, there is no Brovo processing chip for the Brovo processing board is there?" inquired Louis. "can I still join this lesson, sir?"

"You'd best catch up to the others...they're not wholly on the right path, for where there is one, two is better," Jason said as he walked away.

Louis gave a confused "OK" and joined the other Cadets on the task. looking at the riddle. "Colors have to do with a department? could it be intelligence?" asked Louis not sure if he was on the right track.

"I think you're onto something!" Max said to Louis.

Jason had to smile as the last cadet left, if they figured out the riddle they should be in the secondary computer core soon enough, it'll trigger a hologram with the next clue.

== On the Hunt ==

Max, Eradaar, Louis, Nigel and Hapam all walked in a group together from the Intelligence Office on Deck 2 towards the turbolift. Max had a plan.

"I suggest we go to the engineering department first," he proclaimed. "It was our first clue! We should visit and figure that out.

Eradaar showed her PADD with the riddle information. "The second has to be computer core, like you suggest Max!"

Nigel nodded.

With Nigel in tow, the Cadets all joined together to head to Engineering. They entered. There was the core.

"Alright!" announced Ezazzan, leading the group forward. "Okay, here's the 'heartbeat'!"

"You think?" Hapam said, scoffing. The warp core hummed.

Louis got a grin " Technically yes, but it's the plasma injectors that move the energy around or would that be more like a heart valve?" Commented Louis. "Let us go over to the warp core but let us not get in the way," suggested Louis.

"Excellent analysis! Erazzan said, then waved on the group as they approached the warp core.

An engineer saw the group of cadets, he thumbed a switch and a hologram of commander Wallace "In a place where you study something you will find the next clue."

The cadets saw the hologram in wide-eyed wonder. Max pointed at it, then at Ezazzan. "It's the next clue!" he announced. "But where would we study something on board the ship?"

Nigel scratched his head.

“ Preferably somewhere we can wet our whistle’s with a good mud of brain charging coffee,” Nigel suggested

"You mean in the crew mess?" Max said, looking intrigued. "Or we could go to the bar too, now that Nigel mentions it..."

"Guys, come on," Eradaar said, rolling her eyes with a snort. "I'm the bartender here and I refuse to serve any of you unless we solve this. This is extra credit all the way."

Jason had been able too keep track of the students participating in his little exercise, they had made some of the expected progress, he wondered if the next stop was going to be too much.

"The Science Labs!" offered Hapam excitedly. "It said 'where you study something', right? The science labs! Those are on deck six!"

"Worth a shot!" Max said. Then the gaggle of Cadets ran off to the science labs on deck six.

Nigel waved his hand.

“ Guys! guys! We can’t just go running into the science lab old Perkins would have our guts for garters. We need a strategy.” Nigel warned.

"Aw man!" exclaimed Max as the gaggle of Cadets slowed down, turning to face Nigel. "Alright then," Max continued as he spoke for the group, "what do you suggest, Nigel?"

“ Well we cause a diversion in the corridor he goes to investigate. While a some of us use the Jeffries tubes to sneak into the lab. Unless you guys have another idea.” Nigel suggested

The other cadets shook their head. "Alright, Nigel, you lead the way!" Max said.

Nigel shook his head.

“ Me? Look I’m just a chef someone else should lead. I can make a diversion perhaps bang some pots together and make noises. But guys you need to pick another lead.” Nigel said

"I guess I'll lead," Eradaar snorted. "Like usual. Follow me, boys."

The Gorn rushed off as her friends followed.

== Science ==

As the gaggle of cadets made their way to Deck 6 and straight to science, Eradaar halted them.

"Hold here," she ordered.

Carefully the Gorn went forward then, quickly, grabbed a tricorder that was laying on a table just inside. She giggled mischievously, tacking a flew claws on the screen, then suddenly threw it down the corridor as she ordered her friends to hide! The tricorder began to emit a high-pitched sound that was sure to attract attention!

Sam had just finished marking and gave a large yarn. He picked up his mug of coffee and was just about to take a sip. When a noise outside made him jump knocking the contents down his front , luckily it was cold.

Someone was going to wish on the day they were conceived , their mother had a headache. He stood and with a face the colour of his hair he stormed out of the Lab.

"The way is clear!" urged the Gorn in a whisper to her fellow peers. She rushed in, the cadets in tow.

Nigel was worried he was already on a second strike one more and it was bye bye Starfleet. So he stayed outside keeping lookout.

Max was the first to open the hatch to the Jefferies Tube nearest the lab. He ushered in the rest of the cadets while Eradaar remained outside to watch. As she did so, the gaggle of cadets entered the lab. They began to look for what next while they had the time.

"What now?" Hapam asked, clearly concerned.

Nigel poked his head through the door and in a loud whisper said” Hurry up old Perky is coming back!!!”…

Max was the one to find the item. It was a PADD. Detailing in short the success of the Cadets and their hard work. He brought it back to the gaggle of Cadets and showed it off.

"We did it!" he proclaimed, and the Cadets cheered.

Then they all swiftly departed before Sam's return.

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