Lieutenant Commander Steven Ryan

Name Steven Alexander Ryan

Position Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer

Second Position Fourth Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Saturday February 3rd, 2024 @ 10:58am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 187.4 cm
Weight 106.5 Kg
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Grey/green
Physical Description Slightly taller than average.
Short cropped curly hair squared features bely his age, his dark eyes are often penetrating and intimidating


Spouse Katrina
Children none
Father Devon
Mother Lynda
Brother(s) Robert (PhD Sc.)
Other Family Numerious

Personality & Traits

General Overview Steven Ryan is typical of people in his position, his squared features and sometimes serious demeanor hide someone whose more of caring individual and not above giving those most wouldn't give a second chance too.
Strengths & Weaknesses (+) Team player; will regularly do what needs to be done to support a group effort.
(+) Capable researcher; His background in technical research along with a strong historical background has proven benificial.
(-) His belief in people being capable of doing the right thing tends to chafe against most peoples perception of them
Ambitions Steven is recently married and is hoping to find his way into a position where he and his new wife can be together on a more steady basis
Hobbies & Interests Outdoor recreation such as hiking and camping
Ice Hockey

Personal History Steven grew up in Southeastern Alberta in the Cypress Hills county, he split his time between working on nearby farms as a labourer and farm hand. Growing up in the area called "Hell's Basement" tends to result in being a lot tougher as well, despite the best technological efforts the seasons are harsh and people are known for being equally harsh, Steven is no different. His physical abilities aren't easy to ignore, during a local Hockey game in his late teens a fight broke out between him and a rival player, after the dust settled his face was cut up while his opponent was knocked unconscious on the ice surface.

Steven managed to gain admission to the academy, his ambitions were to avoid getting stuck on earth or some space station. He found himself spending his first year at the academy being pulled in several directions of study, his abilities in hand to hand combat made him an ideal candidate for security, his willingness to improvise made him an equally desired candidate to be a security officer, but he found himself drawing the attention of a mysterious officer who offered him a place in the Intelligence officers program.

Steven found the class work stimulating, even challenging and the hard work almost paid off, a shuttle accident almost ended his career as he was one of two survivors. Steven spent the following three years completing his studies from a hospital bed.

When he was released from the hospital he took his first assignment as an intelligence officer with SFI working on the overworked Romulan desk, the hours were long and the work was demanding, but the assignment allowed him to complete his rehabilitation. After two years Steven found himself assigned to USS Berlin where following a series of events found him promoted to Lieutenant. His Life would take a strange turn; While part of a diplomatic mission an attempt was made to assassinate the local leadership of an outlaying colony which quickly was foiled by steven as he managed to save the colonial governor in the process.
Service Record Previous assignments:
Star Fleet academy
Star Fleet Intelligence
USS Verlin Chief Intelligence Officer