Crewman Eradaar Ezazzan

Name Eradaar Ezazzan

Position Counselor's Aide

Second Position Bartender

Rank Crewman


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Saturday April 6th, 2024 @ 7:32pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Gorn
Age 20

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 280 lbs
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Silver
Physical Description Eradaar Ezazzan is a female Gorn who stands on two digitigrade legs, a single tail, and is of a reptilian humanoid appearance. Unlike most Gorn, Eradaar has more refined reptilian features such as a pronounced snout and posture. Her scaly hide is colored a dark green and is crocodilian in appearance. Her underbelly is softer and more smooth. She is of the same genus species as Lazarus Kord, though the two originate from very different universes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kromal Gamal Ezazzan
Mother Essanbet Eradaar Ezazzan
Brother(s) Kromal Gamal Ezazzan; Kodrees Tharr Ezazzan; Taredaar Lazsandas Ezazzan
Sister(s) Ezadous Slalis Ezazzan; Essaget Netar Ezazzan
Other Family Teecus Tharr Ezazzan (Great Grandfather); Morsidrees Ghlin Ezazzan (Great Grandmother); Erahlik Ghlin Ezazzan (Grandfather); Sreed Ezazzan (Grandmother); S'taand Tharr Ezazzan (Uncle); Zrath Ezazzan (Uncle); Lazsandas Ghlin Ezazzan (Uncle); Slalis Tharr Ezazzan (Aunt); Netar Ghlin Ezazzan (Aunt)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eradaar Ezazzan was born in 2371 to father, Kromal Gamal Ezazzan, and mother, Essanbet Eradaar Ezazzan on the Planet Skoleos in the Clan Ezazzan sanctuary with three brothers and one sister who had hatched in her clutch. Her first four years of life were spent under the careful eye of her mother as she learned both Federation and Gorn history. Her father actively served in Starfleet and often told stories of his adventures. By 2374, however, things took a drastic turn for the unexpected.

Still a tiny hatchling, Eradaar was presumed lost and dead after a tragic shuttle accident took the lives of several people, including a tutor who she had been assigned to by her mother that fateful day. What had started as an adventurous trip to the Starfleet Museum ended in her being misidentified in the remains of the crash. Eradaar managed to be the only living survivor likely due to her size and height (only a few feet at the time) and Federation rescuers were given quite the fight by her due to her natural instincts to survive. Eventually recovered, the traumatic events have always played havoc on Eradaar's mind and personality and as a result she has grown into a somewhat timid and shy Gorn in the care of her brief Federation adopted family. Being the only Gorn had its effects on her and as a result, she felt isolated and alone, even despite the tremendous efforts of her adopted family and community to do their best to welcome her. She would eventually appeal for Federation assistance in entering Starfleet and as a result, in 2394, was assigned to the Cultural Learning Program and sent to the USS Poseidon for training.

Through the efforts of the Federation and following her voluntary DNA donation, Eradaar was finally reunited with Clan Ezazzan and a formal apology given. Clan Ezazzan thanked Eradaar's temporary adoptive family for their hard work in preserving their daughter and, as a result, gave extensive compensation. Eradaar, being returned to her rightful parents and family, spent some time reacquainting before looking onward and forward. While the events of her past still played havoc on her personality, her road to recovery began in earnest.
Strengths & Weaknesses Eradaar is an extremely well talented engineer. Her fingers and claws make quick work of wires and circuit boards in very tight places and her extreme flexibility gives credit to her species ability to quickly hide anywhere. She is also a very intelligent and talented coder who has learned enough about Federation systems to quickly and easily fix most common programs and operating systems, such as those on replicators and transporting systems.

Her one weakness is her extreme shyness and timidness due to her traumatic past.
Ambitions Eradaar wants to go through the Cultural Training Program to achieve the ability to enter Starfleet Academy and progress in a career as an engineer.
Hobbies & Interests Eradaar loves martial arts training as well as bartending. She has taken extensive lessons on properly mixing drinks as well as methods and procedures of courteous bartending. She plans on being a bartender as she studies on the USS Poseidon.

Personal History Eradaar Ezazzan lost contact with Clan Ezazzan following a tragic shuttle accident in 2374, at the tail end of the events of the Dominion War. Federation rescuers took her tiny, nearly lifeless body in with some difficultly and eventually managed to resettle her into an adopted community by 2377 being unable to identify her at the time. She never had a true home, always hopping from one starbase to another as Starfleet carefully observed her advancement and growth. Her extreme talents of technical and engineering were keenly followed and she was given every possible avenue to advance her talent and knowledge.

As early as 2380, when Eradaar was just six years old, she was given academic courses that were far in advance of students her age. By the time she was ten, she was taking physics courses that should of been well suited for a Starfleet Academy Cadet. By 2386, Starfleet Academy had already taken a keen interest in her advancement and began planning for how to possibly introduce her into the fold.

Eradaar began a hobby of bartending as early as fifteen, in 2390, and would through the years hop between local bars on Starbases and help out. This hobby and passion helped improve her motor skills and focus and enabled her to defeat some of her shy and timid nature.

By 2394, Starfleet Academy had approached Eradaar with a new Cadet Learning Program to help her enter the Academy proper by serving on the Academy Training Vessel USS Poseidon. During this time, she also reconnected with her actual parents and family in Clan Ezazzan. Thanks to her voluntary donation to the Federation to discover her real lineage, DNA results returned to her informing her of her actual parents. After reuniting with her real mother and father, it was revealed that her mother had allowed a family friend to take her to the Starfleet Museum on the fateful day of her supposed lost. Eradaar was told by her parents that the Federation had said she had died and, even, provided her ashes. Thankful to have her real family back, Eradaar was welcomed immediately back into Clan Ezazzan.
Service Record 2395 - Cadet Learning Program induction and Trainee - Crewman Recruit (Cultural Division; USS Poseidon [NCC-42635])

2395 - Cadet Learning Program Progression - Division Transfer - Assigned to Tutor, Lieutenant Lazarus Kord, Engineering Officer - Promoted to Engineering Officer - Promotion to Crewman
(Engineering Division; USS Poseidon [NCC-42635])