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Captains Log - Stardate 72302.09

Posted on Friday April 21st, 2023 @ 6:44am by Captain Franklin Johnson

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Computer, Begin Log. Captains Log, Stardate 72302.09 on a brisk Friday Morning on Risa.

It has been a considerably long time since I have even undertaken a Captains Log. I gave up on them long ago, back after the Commodore and I had our falling out and reunion of friendship shortly after. A lot has happened since then so I've compiled a detailed list of events I've found noteworthy for this log. If I feel like revisiting them, I have them here.

I feel as though the changes that have taken place warrant me, as a Captain and Commanding Officer, to further the actions of keeping a frequent log. It's not required, of course, but it sure helps with after action reports should anything go awry. I will try my best to keep a coherent log.

The USS Poseidon is currently on Risa, as is noted in the timeline of the logs attached to this one. The reason I'm making this log, starting a new line of logs, is because we've been reassigned from Pegasus Fleet. I just learned about this today from a private message from Gregory Paladin. It's been a week since the actual transfer, almost so, and I am only learning about it just today. He described it as a "delicate situation". By the debrief he gave me, I understand the full situation now. There was a lot going on with the Poseidon, Pegasus Fleet, and Starfleet and something had to cave. Starfleet decided it was Pegasus Fleet and our place in it.

We're now attached to Theta Fleet and Commodore Paladin is handling henceforth the required dialogue between the ship and fleet. Starfleet wants me entirely focused on the crew and Academy operations. I just met with our Chief Cultural Officer, Lt. Commander Erika Itsumi, as a matter of fact. I am seeing a considerable change in the pace and professionalism of the ship. I've come down hard on the department heads and changed a few around also. Things are improving, I think.

My XO, Lt. Colonel Phoebe Graydon, enjoyed recently a day with me by happenstance. It was a very enjoyable affair. It was nice to finally catch up with her considering all we've been through. Commander Kanaka Shakura was relieved of her duties as XO due to her time constraints with the Academy and needing time to deal with other things. Phoebe stepped up again in her place, but I never really got a chance to talk to her. Everything has been just...crazy.

I'm on Risa still, enjoying a vacation. I've already heard from our Chief Intelligence Officer and Third Officer, Lt. Commander T'Pri, about her proposed course for our Academy Training route. I'm reviewing it now and taking my time separating it into proper courses. Once that's done we'll have a fantastic map of where we can take the ship, once everything is settled and done.

I recently promoted our Chief Science Officer, Lt. Commander Sam Perkins, to Second Officer. He is a very capable man and has been the foothold of most of our ship operations. I expect great things from him.

I've demoted our Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Commander T'Vek, due to his current situations back home in Romulan Space. He was a dedicated man, but had very little time for the cadets and his position. I've demoted him to Assistant Chief for the time being until he can get back to me on his vision for his role on our ship. I won't kick him off, not with all he's contributed, but I think he just needs some space to figure things out. I hope he does. We miss him. Lt. Commander Ysabeau Saint-Pol has replaced T'Vek as CMO and I have yet as to formally meet her. Until then, I will keep my expectations high. Lieutenant Kicil Priadden retains a role as the second Assistant Chief Medical Officer, though his situation seems similar in some regards to T'Vek.

We've lost our Chief Engineering Officer, Lt. Commander Paul Sharpe. He's returned to the USS Tomcat since our fleet transfer to Theta. I met with him a final time recently here on Risa. It was a sad but heartwarming affair, one which I will cherish the memory of for a long time. He is and always will be a dear friend and one of the few officers on board this ship who kept her alive for so long. He's being replaced by Lt. Commander Rachel Williams, someone who comes highly referenced by Mr. Sharpe. If my previous CEO gives her this much credit and greenlight, then by all means I have that much faith in her too.

We've gained a new Assistant Tactical Officer, Lt. Commander Ahkhsu Trensu. He comes highly referenced from the USS Halcyon and from the Commodore. Regardless, I have high expectations of Mr. Trensu and may very well promote him eventually to the Chief Position. Calvin Hirsch, our current Chief Tactical Officer, is enduring some hardships that I hope get resolved soon.

Lieutenant Karina Sakaguchi came on board as our Assistant Flight Control Officer. Lt. Commander Ky'la De'Lenn retains the Chief position. I expect high things of both. They are dependable people, both from references and from my own observations.

Most of our newest arrivals arrived from the USS Halcyon, or what remained of her crew following her destruction and Starfleets dispersing of her crew. We were lucky to gain so many experienced officers. I am very thankful for them all.

That is all I have to report on for now.

Computer, End Log.


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