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Promotion and news from home

Posted on Friday April 21st, 2023 @ 6:56pm by Lieutenant Commander Ysabeau Saint-Pol

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Chief Medical Officer Ysabeau Saint-Pol Personal log stardate 72302.10

I have only been on board the Poseidon a few days and this time has been hectic. As the ACMO my time has been taken up with getting myself acclimatized to the Poseidon and its crew. Crew physicals have been the most I have performed in two days for a long time but that is a good way to begin to get to know everyone. I did not meet either the CMO or the Captain on boarding the ship the former not currently in position and the latter on the planet Risa.It was only yesterday that I received the news that the CMO was not currently taking an active part on the ship and that I would be promoted to the Role of Chief Medical Officer. I am of course very pleased to be given the chance to make my mark on the Poseidon and her crew. Already I am involved in rotating the nurses to surgical, medical and trauma. I hope they will receive extended learning and will be proficient in every role they are called up to perform. I am putting together a report on the use of ‘triage trauma teams’. I had the good luck to have free rein regarding this on my last posting. An efficient team can greatly enhance the rate of survival and recovery and provide a specific base for the crew to understand that we, as their medical team have their best interests at heart and will ‘have their backs’ in situations where they may be in need of urgent care. I also intend to include the other ACMO’s in the formulation of new plans for the departments and give them a specific role to play therein. I am hoping to be able to beam down to Risa to meet the Captain. Although I have read his record but it behooves me to meet the man so he can get an idea of what I am about and, also if we can get along. Of course in the end ‘getting along’ is not the most important thing but it certainly helps.

On a personal note my mother has been interfering once again in my life. I love her but that woman could get under the skin of a Targ and enjoy it. Lately she has been finding who she calls ‘acceptable men of breeding’ who would be willing to marry me. I have told her yet again that I do not want to marry and, if I ever do I will find my own man, or woman (now that would be a conversation worth having with her from afar). Puss has settled in well spending most of his time sleeping. My new quarters are very acceptable, too much room for one person really but there is a generous sized work station that will allow me to work away from sickbay some of the time. It is good to have a window to lookout of again, especially for him. I have arranged to have his climbing tree extended to encompass the whole area. It is my birthday tomorrow, another year older, it is amazing how the years begin to slip by being recognized on one day. If I was home the celebrations would be immense involving my mother, lots of food at the chateau, lots of froth for me to wear and, of course the requisite suitors.

End Personal Log.


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