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A studied return to duty.

Posted on Friday August 25th, 2023 @ 10:28am by Lieutenant Commander Ysabeau Saint-Pol

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Personal log Chief Medical Officer Ysabeau St Pol.

It has been two months now since my enforced rest from my duties due to my illness. The infection caused by my ocular implant was swift and devastating and it has taken some time to recover. The Captain has been very understanding seeing that I had only just joined the Poseidon and had promised so much. Hopefully now as I resume my duties I will be able to slowly begin to implement the changes I have promised. My family have been the usual unsupportive group I have come to know and, I am not sure why I thought it might be otherwise. My mother encouraged me to return home stating that I had caused my own illness by defying them. She promised that if I return home they have good match for me, a man who is willing to overlook my mistakes so long as I agree to have a child during my first year of marriage. It makes me angry just thinking of it but it was my fault for contacting them in the beginning. I should just leave my family alone from now on and look upon the crew as my new one. Not that I have yet had the opportunity to really make friends here due to my enforced seclusion.
However I am glad to report my ocular implant is now working perfectly after blindness for two months. The Idanian infection I caught must have been present before I took up this post although my medical scans did not show it. The problem with this illness is that I now have it forever and it can surface at any time and, I am told that it can be lethal. I will need to talk to the Captain of course who will decide if he still wishes me to act as his CMO. On a happier note, at least for me my Sehlat Puss has been a great comfort to me as I have been very lonely here restricted in my quarters. Poor Puss, he has never been brushed or cuddled so much in all the time I have had him, and I see he has now taken to climbing to the very top of his cat tree where I cannot get to him and looking down on me with studied pity. Medical wise I have spent a lot of time reviewing the recent journals on the Starfleet database so am now up to date. I am due to return to my post in Sickbay tomorrow and, to be honest I am a little concerned as to the welcome, or not, that awaits me.

End personal log.


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