Returning to duty

Posted on Wednesday September 6th, 2023 @ 10:40pm by Lieutenant Commander Kicil Priadden

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Personal Log:
I am numb, I have lost all my sense of feeling. My adoptive mother, T’Renna of Tadepts of the Koa’vistar, has passed away. While so many species mistakenly believe Vulcans do not have emotions, this is factually untrue, with the exception of those few Vulcans who practice the One Mind School of thought founded by T'mor; a fringe group at best, or those adepts of the Kolinahr path. My adoptive father, Foval of Ta’vistar, still grieves the loss of his wife. I have tried to assist in easing of his pain through shared mind melds, unfortunately I am not a Vulcan and have a difficult time in suppressing my own emotions, to which both my adoptive parents never wanted of me. As my adoptive mother used to say "I am of Cardassia and a daughter of Cardassian's, it would be totally illogical for one to expect you to behave as a Vulcan. To suppress your emotions as a Vulcan does. Better to learn about one's emotions, and from there learn how to not let them master you. In doing so child, you will become closer to what a Vulcan is like." It was sound advice, one of the fond memories I had of her, and one which brought great comfort to my adoptive father. It was with great reluctance that I left Vulcan to return to the U.S.S. Poseidon, but duty calls. I must continue to set the example I started out on when I joined Starfleet, as both my father and aunt have pointed out, to show that not all Cardassian's are a warlike people, and that we deserve a second chance given the war and Cardassia's part in it. I have learned that I will be meeting a new Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Commander Ysabeau Saint-Pol, and it should be interesting to see how she reacts to a Cardassian being one of her medical officers. She is a consummate doctor, especially where it pertains to emergency and trauma medicine. I will need her to clear me for duty after my treatments for radiation poisoning. On that matter I have gained a greater insight to radiation poisoning and what a patient experiences and feels while going through treatment. Perhaps I will write a paper on radiation poisoning; definitely need to do further research on it, perhaps find some better treatments. I will most likely need to find some time to talk to the ship's counselor and work through my numbness of feelings since my mother's death. So much to do and add to it training young cadets, I have a lot on my plate. Wonder what trouble the crew has been in during my absence?
Computer end log.



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