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State of the Sim - April 2023

Posted on Thursday April 6th, 2023 @ 8:21am by Captain Franklin Johnson

Hello crew,

As many of you are aware, starting on April 13th the USS Poseidon will be operating under the authority of Theta Fleet. This transition from Pegasus Fleet was not an easy one to make. There was multiple months - maybe a year - of back and forth with multiple options as our community explored alternatives. Some issues may have arisen, but it is my impression that the Poseidon simply outgrew the support structure provided by Pegasus Fleet. For us to grow further, we had to consider our options.

16th Fleet was originally intended to be the new home for the Poseidon. Multiple months of research led me to conclude that 16th Fleet had the necessary and active support structure to assist our community in its growth. I spent the last month getting acquainted, in fact, with their leader. It was all but set in stone until I discovered Theta Fleet within the last month. A few weeks ago, I further discovered that Theta Fleet had a lot of our former members from this very ship. This turning point, along with a full days of back and forth, led to me making a final decision.

The USS Poseidon will be leaving Pegasus Fleet for Theta Fleet.

Pegasus Fleet has provided us with a rich history, a starting point, and a wonderful reference to how we came to be. Like any hatchling, a chick must leave the nest to further grow. The Poseidon is that chick and Pegasus Fleet is that nest. We have simply outgrown the nest and the nest can no longer support us. For us to prosper, we must learn how to fly, and Theta Fleet will help us to do that. I give all my thanks to Amethyst who has helped us over these fantastic three years, and I give a special thanks to Doug Clemons who - while not associated no longer with Pegasus Fleet - was associated at the time of his contributions to this sim.

Doug gave us our header, our banner, and our original website. He also provided the original hosting services that Amethyst eventually took over and further assisted this community with. Amethyst has been a steadfast friend and Doug was a fantastic mentor. Thank you to both of you!

And now, for some special thanks:

I'd like to thank Paul Sharpe, who was our original TFCO who helped us insurmountably to get off the ground. Paul is now a member of our sim, our Chief Engineering Officer, and an invaluable member of our community. Thank you Paul!

A friendly shoutout to AlexM who has been a fantastic admiral, as well as a great leader of Pegasus Fleet who has wonderfully directed the fleet through hard times and good.

I'd like to also thank Cor Cordale for being a fantastic fellow furry and friend - a lot of inspiration came from our talks!

Thank you also to Viceroy Zerin (Corvus Zephyr) for their wonderful friendship and mentorship during our early years!

Thank you to Cipher for the outstanding support during our early years!

Thank you to Captain Harding and all the rest of the Captains for their fantastic contributions and advice.

I leave you now with the original email I sent to Amethyst. It is professional and direct and one which I believe adequately states the next moves of our sim. A final farewell to be completed on a set date, given early as a courtesy of our passing time. Thank you Pegasus Fleet, thank you Amethyst, for everything you've done.

Truly and Sincerely,
Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


In accordance with the wishes of Starfleet Command and the mission of the Poseidon to train academy candidates, it is at this time decided that Theta Fleet will best handle the academy training vessel. This transfer has already started and will be complete by April 13th. Until that time, please consider the USS Poseidon still under the authority of Pegasus Fleet.

Best regards,
Commodore Gregory Paladin
Mission Advisor
USS Poseidon


Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


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