The U.S.S. Poseidon adheres to strict rules that are maintained through observance of behavior and contributions to the community. These rules are listed below.


The Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Poseidon has established rules to live by as is his privilege. Players from all backgrounds are encouraged to use the Poseidon to assist in further development of their characters, themselves, and any notable or peaceful goal they wish. Players **may not** use the Poseidon to detract from the fun and experience of their peers in any way, shape, or form - this means trolling and spamming are not permitted.

Players are highly encouraged to resolve all conflicts maturely, professionally, and politely with one another. In the event a conflict arises that cannot be resolved, a member of the Command Staff shall be assigned to assist in mediations. If this fails, Theta Fleet staff are to be suggested. If this conflict infringes the fun and productivity of the Poseidon, both parties shall be penalized.

Generally, the primary rule is to have fun and encourage that fun with everyone else. All other rules are to be adhered to as required by Theta Fleet.

As of June 10th, 2020, the use of Discord is a recommended medium for communication. As of 2023, the USS Poseidon utilizes both Website Private Messages and Discord. We do, however, have a very strict communication policy that compliments our free LOA policy. The USS Poseidon encourages players to communicate their status to the Captain or Command Staff, notifying of absences or delays, and generally just being a good sport about it. Players who do not notify of absences and are absent for extended periods without established LOA's will be terminated from the sim.

TL;DR (Too Long;Didn't Read): Use the Poseidon as a place to enhance - or begin - your role playing experience for either yourself or your characters. Treat everyone professionally and with respect, everyone is free to make friends. Don't be rude or hateful and adhere to common sense guidelines as well as Theta Fleet rules. Use our Discord, we constructed it for you and the crew to use as our primary source of communication. Use the website for playing the sim.


1.) Discord is encouraged for communication purposes only. Players may also utilize website private messaging, however the Captain prefers Discord use. The game itself resides on a nova-based sim.

2.) Obey the Discord, Website and Fleet TOS. No exceptions.

3.) Obey the Command, Moderation and Admin staff. No exceptions.

4.) Post requirements for the sim are relaxed. Any person that takes advantage of our hospitality will either be demoted or terminated from the simming community. No exceptions unless by situation.

5.) Activity is a relaxed requirement. Any person that takes advantage of our hospitality will either be demoted or terminated from the simming community. No exceptions unless by situation.

6.) Be respectful and friendly. Disagreements happen. The staff will not intervene in mature debate or disagreement. Make it immature and the staff will hand out punishments.

7.) This is a 16+ simming community. If you are under 16, get out. If we find you and found out you lied, not only will you be reported to Discord, you'll also be banned.

8.) No NSFW in any simming posts. References (mild) are fine, such as mature references or implications like "then they walk off to the bedroom". Anything further is grounds for punishment and termination.

9.) Do NOT post on behalf of another player - or make edits to another players work - without permission from that player you want to edit the work of. Asking after the fact is fine, so long as if it is a negative, you must fix the edit back to its original form. Command Staff are exempt from this rule as they establish and maintain lore.

10.) LOA (Leave of Absence) is allowed for anyone, for any reason, for any duration - within *reason*. Do not abuse this system or privilege. Continued abuse, if so determined by Staff, will result in punishments up to and including termination from the sim.

11.) Utilize the channels provided on the discord to their appropriate function. i.e. advertisements in #sim-advertisements and questions & comments in #suggestions-complaints.

12.) Generally, when a players is kicked off or leaves the sim, their account is deactivated and their player character and all NPC's deactivated. However there may be specific and unique circumstances where a departed players PC or NPC must be used to finish a JP. When such a case happens, the JP is concluded and the PC or NPC is deactivated. Departing players may request exclusion to this necessity and their PC's or NPC's, in that case, will not be utilized.

13.) You may create as many NPC characters as you wish. You may not create high-ranking NPC's that influence the sim unless otherwise approved by the Commanding Officer or Admins.

14.) Command Staff exist to help the Commanding Officer as volunteer positions and is considered a privilege. Command Staff are to be considered the voice of the Commanding Officer and able to utilize his full authority. At any time, for any reason, the CO may revoke this privilege from the volunteer if the volunteer does not meet or exceed expectations.


Please refer to this link for a full rundown of Theta Fleet policies and rules adhered to by this sim:


Theta Fleet does not permit players under the age of 15. The U.S.S Poseidon sim does not allow anyone under the age of 16.

RPG Rating of the U.S.S. Poseidon:
-Infrequent, mild swearing is permitted.
-Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. (Fade to black)
-Mild violence is permitted. (Little blood and graphic descriptions.)