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State of the Sim - March 2023

Posted on Wednesday March 8th, 2023 @ 2:35pm by Captain Franklin Johnson

Hello Crew,

This is your Captain Speaking. Things are slow at the moment but with the introduction of the Encounters I put into place, people seem to be slightly encouraged by it and the crew overall has maintained its pace. I am overall satisfied so far with the level of participation. I thank you all for your hard work!

Things have been tumultuous for me. My life was thrown in disarray recently because my workplace decided to place me on breakdown pay for several weeks - not in specific order. They treated me like trash, and it hurt, because this workplace also demonstrated a lot of preference discrimination to me earlier in my career when workers said slurs towards me. Furthermore, the office staff haven't been the friendliest and go out of their way to remind me they don't want me around. Drivers, also, have expressed intolerable views openly to me. All this lead to a recent breakdown of my mental and emotional state on Sunday after the shop didn't fix anything with my truck after the recent shop visit. I had enough.

I've been off and on hiding because of my mental state. I haven't been in a good place. Thankfully I'm already in the process of acquiring a new job. Should start next Monday. I hope for better working conditions, and I'm slowly recovering from my recent mental breakdown. I apologize to you all for being as absent as I have. Things should go back to normal soon. Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

As for the ship itself, I have already laid down plans that sometime in the future I will retire the Miranda in favor of a Intrepid class. When this happens will be up for debate. When it does, we will have had plenty of time to finish all our goals. Until that point I will continue to run the Encounter system I devised to help steady the pace of the sim.

Good work everyone!

Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


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Category: General News

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