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Mission Notes for Season 1 - Act 1

Posted on Tuesday March 31st, 2020 @ 9:30am by Captain Franklin Johnson

Hey crew,

To add to my previous announcement, your First Officer, Commander Kanaka Shakura, has worked diligently to offer you verbose and easy to read mission notes which you can easily observe each time you click to post a mission post. We as a unified Command Staff all reviewed and approved them and believe they reflect entirely this mission we're on. They'll be easily readable and available each time from the website, no need to go back and forth from the discord anymore!

You can show these mission notes by clicking the "SHOW/HIDE" button just under the banner, whenever you click "Write Mission Post". A dropdown will display with the mission notes. I'll paste them here for easy reading as well.


Tasked with delivering vital medical supplies to Starbase 129 near the Cardassian Border, the U.S.S. Poseidon undertakes her maiden voyage in earnest. As the crew begins to find her steps, spectres of their personal and collective pasts come back to haunt them, with implications far beyond what any of them could have anticipated...


The U.S.S. Poseidon is carrying critically required medical supplies and other forms of industrial equipment in order to support Federation efforts to alleviate the growing humanitarian crisis developing in Cardassian space due to the tremors still felt by the outcome of the Dominion War.

The Poseidon is scheduled to have a layover at Starbase 47, where it will offload some supplies and passengers before taking on the remainder of it's mission cargo, some new crew and passengers. From there it will venture to Starbase 129, where it will offload the supplies and complete its mission. Starfleet expects this to be completed within a month's time - two months at a stretch - so time is of the essence.

Alongside this, revelations made by Doctor T'vek, the ship's Chief Medical Officer, have suggested that the death of the fighter ace Lieutenant Pavan was more than just an accident. By the Commander's orders, the crew must work together to conclude this investigation and determine the culprit behind this potential foul play.


1) The U.S.S. Poseidon must reach Starbase 129 within a month's time. The rendezvous at Starbase 47 cannot be ignored. It will be down to Flight Control and Command to determine the pace of the ship, being aware that events which may transpire will influence these decisions.

Once the Poseidon reaches Starbase 47, there will be a brief interlude before the mission continues. Command will address this when the time comes

2) The crew should attempt to make a conclusive finding on the circumstances that led to Lieutenant Pavan's death. It will be down to the crew as a whole to decide how they wish to conduct this investigation. Command has ordered that the initial investigation team should combine the efforts of Security & Tactical, Medical, Science and Intelligence. Any further involvement from other departments is permissible, should the crew deem it necessary.

3) Continue to carry out the Poseidon's stated mission of being an Academy Training Ship; assist the crew and the cadets in settling in to their new living spaces and duties.



1) Character Deaths: At this time, Character Deaths are not permissible, unless first agreed by the Command Staff and the Player(s) in question.

2) Outcome to the Investigation: While the players are strongly encouraged to use their creativity to determine the outcome of the investigation to Lieutenant Pavan, it is important that the Player(s) clear this with Command first. The reasons for this will become clear as we venture further into the mission.

3) General Etiquette: No godmodding. No metagaming. No flamebaiting or griefing. PG-13 rules apply.


1) Be Creative: Unlike the Prelude missions, this mission is meant to be very freeform and exploratory. Apart from the stated Mission Objectives and Rules above, a lot of what happens will be up to you as players. Use this as an opportunity to not only further your character's personal development and relationships with one another, but to also explore the environment of the ship and help to make it feel like a living space.

The Command Staff is also open to ideas for excursions from the stated mission path should players feel they have a good idea that helps with both character and plot development. However, please respect that any decision which is made is final; there's always the possibility that if it is rejected now, it may turn up later.

2) Utilise your Command Staff: As well as being players with characters of our own in the sim, we are in essence your Dungeon Masters (DMs). Feel free to utilise us for this purpose: If you need something from an 'off-screen' character or entity, or need results from a computer diagnostic etc. - ask us and we will happily provide.

The Command Staff will, from time to time, release certain details and information. These will be highlighted to the relevant player(s) when it occurs, and should be utilised by them as they see fit.

3) Challenges: Throughout the Mission, we as Command Staff will - judging on your actions thus far and those you continue to make - set up challenge scenarios which are intended to not only provide a fun and engaging narrative for the sim, but to also encourage greater cooperation and teamwork amongst players.

Whenever a challenge arises, players will need to deduce:
(a) The problem (if not immediately obvious);
(b) The source of the problem (if not immediately obvious);
(c) Potential solution(s);
(d) Who amongst the crew is best suited to dealing with the issue, be that on an individual or departmental level.

The purpose of this is to make use of your roles as characters and give the Poseidon the sense of being a real Starfleet vessel. The Command Staff is again open to creative and interesting ideas from the players on interesting challenges that could occur. The only caveat is that any challenge you devise cannot be for yourself (otherwise that would be too easy).

4) Your actions will have consequences: The Command Staff is following everything that transpires on the ship, and already some of these actions have been utilised to inform our critical plot moments, challenge scenarios, and decisions. It is worth keeping in mind that this is all done to give you all a sense of agency in the setting (i.e. that what you do actually does matter).

Sometimes the consequences will be positive, other times negative. This is never meant as a punishment, but as a way of being engaging and as dynamic a sim as possible.

Therefore, you're strongly encouraged to keep track of what happens on the ship, and if your character is party to something, do strongly consider what consequences their actions might have before you take them.


Thank you Commander, very awesome work! And thank all! Keep up the good work.

Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


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