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State of the Sim: End of March 2020

Posted on Tuesday March 31st, 2020 @ 9:14am by Captain Franklin Johnson

Hey crew!

Long time no talk! I've been on the road, and there's plenty of trucks on it. No matter what you hear, what you see, what you're told, so long as there is a truck on the road the United States has an economy. It doesn't matter if planes don't fly or trains don't run as often, what matters is the trucks. The big rigs. They deliver the supplies directly where no plane or train can. So remember that and take confidence. Let that be your inspiration. Remember, thank a Trucker today if you see one! They're sacrificing a lot being out there restocking stores and hospitals and everywhere else, literally.

As always, thank those in civil services; medical, firefighters, police, military, teachers, water works, power companies, et cetera, you name it. They're sacrificing a lot to keep the lights and civilization running as well!

On a lighter note, we've moved into our next mission. Feel free to go posting if you want, find a buddy and do your thing. I will say honestly now it will be slow going for the next month as we all deal with this epidemic. Do not fool yourselves, I nor no one on the Command Staff expects you to be here during a time like this. We would appreciate the activity, but to demand such is absolutely insane. Instead, if in your free time you get inspired, feel free to write. Ping us, anyone of us, and if I'm home or someone in command staff is available, we'll gladly help. Furthermore, feel free to ping any crew member. Whatever you can provide in activity helps keep the story going. We appreciate your sacrifices as well, staying home and safe, and we hope you're all well and healthy.

If any of you need anything, never hesitate to ask,
Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


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