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Congratulations and Looking Forward

Posted on Friday August 30th, 2019 @ 9:16pm by Captain Franklin Johnson

Greetings Crew,

It is with great pleasure that I restate the necessary congratulations to all the crewmembers who have been awarded both citations and awards this past week. I am very proud to serve with you on this sim, though I may have crafted the foundation, you all surely build the structure that we reside within. Without you, this building we built together - and still are building - would be empty. This goes out to everyone, each of you, all of you.


To those who did not receive any awards, don't fret! Normally we only issue citations and awards for particular circumstances. Since it was the end of the month, we started a tradition of handing out particular awards that were originally designed to be handed out then; Captain's Merit Award, Executive Officer's Merit Award, Crew Choice Award to name a few. The only one to be voted publically on is the Crew Choice Award, so it's important that near the end of each month when the straw poll is issued, you all vote! Note also that I as Commanding Officer am automatically excluded from the Crew Choice Award, so no voting for me, please!

If any of you who were not awarded anything feel left out, please don't! We love and cherish you. These awards and nominations are designed to encourage good behavior and teamwork, to award those who go beyond. Sometimes we may miss a particular circumstance, but give it time! We'll get to awarding you eventually, I can promise that. Sometimes you gotta earn it, and sometimes we as the Command Staff got to take notice. It works both ways! We value and cherish you, always.

Concerning awards, I'd like to take this time to pay special attention to Lieutenant, Junior Grade Sydney Allen. They won the Executive Officer's Merit Award and the Captain's Merit Citation. The player behind Sydney is a very special case to this Sim, one which will be repeated - hopefully - numerous times in the future. Sydney is new to simming, and in this very short time they've participated they have excelled tremendously in all areas, including teamwork and participation. I am extremely proud, very proud of you Sydney and I wanted to say a special thank you for keeping with us and participating. Wherever your adventure here takes you, whether it is preparing you to move on to bigger, better sims or give you a taste of some Trek fun, I am glad you chose the Poseidon to learn all this on.

I'd like to now congratulate especially the winners of the Captain's Merit Award and the Crew Choice Award.

Lieutenant Commander Kanaka Shakura won the Crew Choice Award, by a tight margin might I add! When the voting had ended, we were left with a tie between Lieutenant Freya and Kanaka, so it was left to the Command Staff to solve the tie breaker. Naturally, Kanaka was exempt from the vote, leaving the decision to the XO and CO respectively. The votes sided with Kanaka and I believe they have earned this especially considering their massive involvement recently with the crew. Along with the coveted Crew Choice Award, Kanaka was awarded the Helping Hand Medal, and again this emphasizes the absolute commitment of Kanaka to their position as Second Officer and a member of this Sim. So, thank you Kanaka, and I'm very proud of you as is the Crew!

As the runner up, Lieutenant Freya was awarded the Crew Choice Citation, recognizing their position among the crew as a worthy contender for the Crew Choice Award. Along with that, Freya was awarded the Captain's Merit Award, a once a month award by your CO that is handed out to who I determine has excelled beyond expectations. Freya has, in my opinion, excelled astronomically. I am extremely proud and extremely pleased they are here with us on our journey. Congratulations, Lieutenant!

Finally, to everyone else, thank you. You are all special in my hearts and I am especially glad to hand those Newcomer Awards out! Keep up the good work everyone and I look forward to handing out more awards in the future!

Moving on, we're close to switching over to the next mission. Let's all focus on ending our current joint posts and concentrating on the next phase of our journey! Stay tuned to the discord for updates.

Keep up the good work all,
Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Poseidon


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