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Upcoming Posting Opportunities

Posted on Tuesday July 7th, 2020 @ 2:56pm by Captain Franklin Johnson

Dear Crew,

Hey ya'll, so when we're done with our last few remaining posts for awards and interactions, here's a few good ideas to think about for JP's concerning your characters upcoming off-time:

1. Visiting the Arboretum on the ship
2. Housecleaning on the ship
3. Run a holodeck program
4. Joining the ships knitting club
5. Start a club!
6. Play a poker club
7. A situation involving a holocall
8. Dealing with family, an ex, a situation
9. Touring Starbase 49!
10. Touring the Poseidon!
11. Shenanigans on your off time!
12. Taking a walk outside the ship! In a spacesuit!
13. Visiting a nearby planet!
14. Training or cross-training for a new position on ship! You can have two positions, you know!

...Et cetera...

The possibilities are endless! Feel free to contact a member of the Command Staff if you need help or want any participants. Also feel free to reach out to your fellow crewmates to ask if they want to join you!

Keep up the good work,
Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


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Category: General News

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