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We're Underway!

Posted on Monday February 24th, 2020 @ 1:26am by Captain Franklin Johnson

Dear Crew,

With completion and posting of "Departure", we have come full circle from the original incident which caused the USS Poseidon to return to spacedock; that of the death of a crewmember. Realistically, this death was sparked by the departure of a valued player who had not left any communication on what to do with their character or how to properly move forward. It was an interesting time for the Command Staff then, and I decided as lead Game Master and Commanding Officer that we should use this opportunity to give our players a better chance to further describe their characters. It was a gamble, a huge one, but it paid off.

Since that point, we have gained many crew members, and lost some more; valued crew, each and all. It has been a long, hard road for us to get from there to here, but we're finally here, launching from Starbase 99 on our maiden voyage to Starbase 47, then onto Starbase 129 to complete our mission. The culmination of effort, creativity, and imagination that went into this has helped us achieve this wonderful moment. Most of all, each and every player who contributes and has contributed has had a significant impact on how our sim has developed. I want to thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, a thank you I cannot express beyond words.

You all mean the world to me.

Moving forward, over the next week I will keep the mission group "Shakedown Cruise" open. Your ships First Officer, Commander Kanaka Shakura, has gone to considerable lengths to flesh out the mission groups in better detail - and properly and appropriately dog me to provide an accurate mission description that everyone can understand. I hope sincerely I have contributed to that, as Kanaka has become an invaluable resource for this ship due not only to their efforts, but furthermore their creativity and excellence. You can find these changes by looking under Sim > Mission Groups, but I'll provide a link to make it easier.

As you can see, the level of detail and explanation speaks for itself. Wonderful job, Commander!

After the completion of this week-long waiting period, we will formally close "Shakedown Cruise" to complete "Season One: The Paladin Conspiracy - Prelude" officially. We have within this mission group three missions that we, as a crew, have not only grown together in, but contributed immensly to the canon of our ship from. Those missions being that of: "Getting to know the XO", "Departure and Trial Run", and finally "Shakedown Cruise". As I said before, it has been a long road, but we're finally here!

I encourage all our players to use this brief interim between mission groups to finalize their Joint Posts and plan out further ventures. That way once the new mission starts, no one is confused as to which direction they should go. Remember that this is an open-creativity sim; we not hamper your creativity, we encourage it! If you ever have any questions on a direction your desired Joint Post should take, never hesitate to contact a member of your Command Staff.

Finally, some announcements.

1.) Starting in March, your Command Officer, Franklin Johnson, will be switching job professions to utilize further his CDL license. This will take down the time during the week to observe the sim, though not completely as during access times for his phone, he will be checking the discord. The Command Staff have already discussed and planned out for this accordingly. The Commanding Officer is not stepping down, simply moving IRL jobs to better situate himself. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to voice them!

2.) Starting through the month of March, or very soon to it, your First Officer, Commander Kanaka Shakura, will be taking time away from the sim necessary to further their studies and responsibilities in real life. This is an extremely necessary and critical condition concerning not only their job profession, but furthermore their education and life situation. Pease be considerate during this time and give the appropriate space but otherwise remains approachable.

3. Your ships Second Officer, Major Phoebe Graydon (Puppy on Discord), will be assisting during the month of March the community due to their downtime that is expected during this period. As far as has been discussed, the Major should be available during this period when the rest of the Command Staff might be unavailable. Remember that at all times, there will always be someone available to take your concerns, questions, and comments! Please also be respectful and considerate as this time is also considered their vacation time.

4. As stated before, and to clarify, through the week of Feb. 24th, 2020, we will be completing "Shakedown Cruise". Remember to use this time to finalize any and all Joint Posts up to and until we roll over into the next mission group, which is "Season One: The Paladin Conspiracy - Act One". Once in this mission group, you're more than free to explore your characters potentials!

That's all for general announcements. I'd like to take this time to emphasize that due to recent events, the ships LOA policy remains the same; free to use at all times, with any excuse. There will be situations in all our lives that drag us away from the sim. That's okay! We here at the Poseidon's Command Staff understand that deeply and intimiately. Utilize our free LOA policy by contacting us and informing us, then setting yourself on the approproate LOA level (extended LOA or just LOA). If you can, we ask that you complete any outstanding Joint Posts first, however this is not always possible. If in the case it isn't, we ask you inform those you are JPing with to give advance notice. Again, sometimes this isn't possible either, so feel free to inform the Command Staff in those cases and we'll happily handle the paperwork!

You all mean the world to us here as our players, we appreciate and value you, so we will do whatever we can to accomadate your needs within sensible reason. Thank you sincerely for being our players!

If there's anything else I've forgotten, expect additional announcements during the week. I'm sure there is because this was drafted and sent in my time of morning, so look forward to any additions later on! Have a safe week my friends! Thanks for all you do on our sim!

Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


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