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State of the Sim - December 2023

Posted on Saturday December 23rd, 2023 @ 7:24am by Captain Franklin Johnson

Hello Crew,

I'd like to first announce a series of new awards handed out. Recently one of our own, Kicil Priadden, started a JP that turned out to be a three part epic: "Space Walks, Tight spaces, and Jefferies tubes, Oh My!". Throughout the series of events leading up to the third and final part, the USS Poseidon steadily grew in danger as events unfolded. For the first two parts, Kicil's NPC, Lieutenant Drauc, worked with my NPC, Lieutenant Kord, to attempt to fix the danger. When this was found impossible, the third and final part saw the introduction of several more crewmembers who added their part to the story. Captain Franklin Johnson, NPC Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi, NPC Lieutenant Lazarus Kord, Lieutenant Commander Ahkhsu Trensu, Lieutenant Commander Jason Elliot, Lieutenant Commander Erika Itsumi, and NPC Lieutenant Drauc Kejail ie-Jia'anKahr. Thanks to the efforts and contributions of all involved, the USS Poseidon was saved from a catastrophic fate! I encourage you to read the series!

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Because of the crew involvement, I decided to award those involved in the third part for saving the vessel. Of note, the NPC's Lazarus and Drauc received the most bodily damage due to being the first responders and as such were rewarded for their contributions and surviving a near-death scenario! Everyone else received an award equal to their contributions and in recognition of their efforts! Lieutenant Commander Kicil Priadden also received the highest Writing Citation award available for his contribution in starting the series and having it so creatively involved in the lore of the USS Poseidon! Here are the awards handed out!

Purple Heart
Lieutenant Drauc Kejail ie-Jia'anKahr (NPC - Kicil Priadden)
Lieutenant Lazarus Kord (NPC - Franklin Johnson)

Survivalist Award
Lieutenant Drauc Kejail ie-Jia'anKahr (NPC - Kicil Priadden)
Lieutenant Lazarus Kord (NPC - Franklin Johnson)

Security Division Service Award
Lieutenant Commander Ahkhsu Trensu
Lieutenant Oscar Romanov Vladinchi (NPC - Franklin Johnson)

Engineering Division Service Award
Lieutenant Drauc Kejail ie-Jia'anKahr (NPC - Kicil Priadden)
Lieutenant Lazarus Kord (NPC - Franklin Johnson)

Diplomatic & Cultural Division Service Award
Lieutenant Commander Erika Itsumi

Intelligence Division Service Award
Lieutenant Commander Jason Malcom Elliot

Command Division Service Award
Captain Franklin Shane Johnson
Lieutenant Colonel Phoebe Graydon

Writing Citation - Grade Three
Lieutenant Commander Kicil Priadden

Treknobabble Citation
Lieutenant Commander Kicil Priadden

Congratulations to all awarded and involved! Just remember, you can be awarded too! I regularly award those among us who go above and beyond and contribute the most. Don't be afraid to take that extra step today!

Moving on, we're entering the Holiday Season and Christmas is just a few days away. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! The XO and I will be available through most of these days as I will be on call and the XO will be working theirs. We'll both be available in and out depending, so don't be afraid to tag either of us on discord or private message for a JP. Thank you to everyone who has made 2023 a memorable year! The USS Poseidon grew to four years old year and it has been an honor to have this sim operate with you all, your contributions, your efforts, and everything you've done to make this a fantastic sim. I look forward to many years more!

The year of the sim will transition to 2396 probably sometime in January. The XO and I will figure that one out as we progress to that point.

I'd like to also mention I've been expanding my sim involvement across Theta Fleet and to a few sims outside of it. Most of my NPC's on this ship are, in future years, to be moved off. I've also have been able to create lore and pre-history for characters on the sim currently with characters from their past on past sims. I'd like to use this as a key example of how I always intended the Poseidon to work. You create a character, you grow it off, you continue the character. The key here is you can keep a character in a current sim year and still advance them onto another so long as its a future year. The real satisfaction is reaching that cut-off point, where you graduate that NPC or PC off. Then, perhaps, maybe, you start the process over!

I hope each and every one of you find the happiness and satisfaction I do in simming. I love the communities, I love the involvement, and I especially love this one.

Please remember to be safe this holiday season! Drive safely, be safe, and enjoy family as the year turns into the next! Great work everyone! You make this sim worth running! I love you all!

Sincerely and Gratefully,
Captain Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


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